Наталья Коршун

Страна: Россия

Я родилась в Москве в 1960 году.

Образование высшие: Институт Народного Хозяйства им. Плеханова
(экономическое), МГУ им. Ломоносова (психология).

Прожила 15 лет в счастливом браке, двое взрослых детей, четверо внуков.

Вся жизнь наполнена путешествиями и профессиональными и любительскими.

Пройдены горы Алтая, Урала, Гималаи, Тибета, Кавказа, Кордильеры.

Много времени проведены в странах: Китай, Индия, Сирия, Перу, Бахрейн, Шри Ланка, Сейшелы и т.д.

В ходе профессиональной деятельности посетила отдаленные уголки России: Сахалин, Таймыр, Сибирь, Урал, Алтай и т.д.

Чтобы моя биография не превратилась в географический отчет, я спешу сказать, что меня везде интересовали люди. 

Country: Russia

I was born in Moscow in 1960. I have a higher education. I have graduated from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (the economic speciality) and the Moscow State University by M.Lomonosov (the psychology faculty).

I was happily married for 15 years. I had two adult children and four grandchildren. I travelled all my life. It was connected with my work and just for fun. I saw the mountains of Altai, Ural, Himalaya, Tibet, Caucasus, Cordilleras. I was inspired by fantastic views for writing new poems. 

I spent a lot of time in such countries as China, India, Syria, Peru, Bahrein, Shri Lanka, Seychelles and so on.

During my professional activity I visited some faraway places in Russia: Sakhalin, Taimyr, Siberia, Ural and others. It is not a geographical report. I was interested with new people – their unique personalities. It gives me more energy and inspiration.

Перевод стихотворений из сборника ” Песнь мотылька “

1. Iris

The violet flowers blossomed,

Like the stone of an amethyst,

It included all possible spirituality

And bust into bloom divinely.

The flashes of the violet colour are seen

Near the roads, gardens and temples –

Saint Nicholas forgives

all man-made sins.

He spoiled us like his own children,

Giving us drops of joy,

He dressed up the world with irises,

So grace lives on the planet.

2. Butterfly’s song

One-day butterfly flutters all her life,

It is flying impetuously to the sun,

Its song engulfs all the world,

Giving a wonderful little happiness.

Taking to the air through heavy clouds,

A Butterfly changes its colour many times,

It is going round in circles in firework of love,

Making its last-minute more closer.

Like a fairy glimmer in the sky

A love ecstasy happened,

It is raced by and vanished again,

But this story remained in our hearts.

Flashes starts to burn quick as thought,

Warming up love in the world,

Millions of years passed away,

But a butterfly intones its own songs.

Continuing the flow of the universe,

Butterflies fly about and set all the bells a ringing,

The songs are pouring out to us,

Horning about love every moment.

As an appeal to hourly love, 

As a call to perform brightly:

«Not going down from heavens in the name of love

And live for ever». 

3. The winter evening

The stars begin to shine,

The souls are born,

Our thoughts get away and

Ask about blessing;

Our fingers are locked

And our lips joined,

Inflaming at once –

People present with life.

The icy creation:

Snow and stars as an answer,

Getting warm of breath,

The lips whisper in response:

«Come to me, my dear!

 Come and don’t be delayed,

Ward off bad luck by frozen gloves».

Our doubts vanished,

I grieve for nothing,

Logs begun to crack

And the light got into the darkness,

Warming up the space

And I warmed myself,

I am very delighted to see you,

I was… wrong. 

4. The fireplace is entirely burning down

The fireplace is entirely burning down,

The sparkling wine will hardly cheer me up,

The kitten has been resting for a long time,

And I run through one day more.

The past became boring,

But what is in the future?

I am only tempted by the art,

So I wish for the beauty!

I also wish for a wonder,

But I am «a poor fool» on the stove,

I have «a gold fish» in my hands,

The «junk heap» is behind.

Daydreaming of sweet childhood,

It is after me,

But it is clear for me that

There is a different path of life.

It is necessary to live by soul,

Where is the strength for it?

Who will be with you?

And should you wish for anything else?

There are a lot of questions

And they came to me at the sunset,

Have a wonderful dream that

You are happy again. 

5. Spirit is still in my bones

Spirit is still in my bones,

It struggles and tortured me,

All body is broken down

And my soul runs away.

It breaks loose from home,

A new way is waiting for my spirit,

I am sick at heart today,

My spirit threatens me to get away for good…

It is impossible to live as before,

But I can’t breathe in a new light,

I feel a blow

And cry quietly in a vacuum.

Where are my wishes?

Where are my decisions?

I should chase all fear and do away with everything,

And then trampling under foot all doubts,

I should really walk tall.

6. Catherine II

It is my choice

To write about Catherine,

The greatest figure of the world,

Appears before me.

Blue-eyed, gracious,

Tossing her head in pride

With great demeanor, chestnut hair

And wise mannishly.

It is the source of great energy

That attracted people to her,

Orlov brothers were in service

And generals also did their duty.

The ruling of Catherine

Provided education to the country:

Female schools opened,

Creative work came to full power.

Derjavin praised her in song,

The much-fancied team was with her,

Potemkin came to be her husband

And the country became greater.

She was delicate,

Run the country carefully

And she brought the paper money

In the country.

With true heart,

She can’t endure the vice –

The cry goes that

Saltikova was punished.

She spoke Russian,

Knew three languages,

Loved Russia with her whole heart,

Her soul became Russian.

The life of Catherine went by

Like the rumble of thunder,

Accompanied with reforms and victories,

The country flourished together with her.

To labour for the good of Russia,

Catherine the Great

Led the way,

Her glory is for good.

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