Наргиса Карасартова

Страна : Кыргызстан

Наргиса Карасартова, имею троих детей. Публикаваться начала с 2007 года. В зависимости от внутреннего ощущения пишу стихи для детей и взрослых, а также сказки. На сегодняшний день есть два небольших сборника стихов в соавторстве с сестрой Лейлой Карасартовой. Это «Бриллианты на снегу» и «Маленьким мечтателям». Являюсь членом Национального союза писателей Кыргызстана, членом союза журналистов, членом кыргызской ассоциации переводчиков. В 2012 году стала лауреатом двух конкурсов «Золотая табуретка» в номинации «Лучшие сказки для детей», и междунаролного конкурса малой прозы «Белая скрижаль» в номинации «За гранью реальности»,
дипломант 3-й степени среди детских писателей КР в рамках программы ЮНЕСКО 2016-2017 гг. на Фестивали детской литературы «Герои приглашают своих друзей». Участница Форумов молодых писателей России, СНГ и стран зарубежья в 2009 и 2014 гг. (г. Москва).

Country : Kyrgyzstan

Перевод сказки Лия и Айя-рукодельница



The girl Leah had a lot of toys, but most of all she loved the magic doll Aya, who knew how to think, walk and talk. This doll also liked to sew cute little things on her little sewing machine.

One summer day, Leah and Aya were playing in the front garden, until the mother called the girl for lunch.

Leah, when she left, warned the doll:

– You don’t go anywhere, soon I’ll be here. 

However, after eating the girl turned on the TV and began to watch a cartoon, and then she had reading. I need to tell that Leah sometimes writes some fairy-tales. 

Aya had been waiting for her girl-friend until everything then offended that she was forgotten by Leah, took a sewing machine and went to the forest.

When it got dark the girl, remembering the doll, run to the front garden, but there was nobody and she started to cry:

– Aya, where did you go?! Where are you?!

Leah was worried after leaving her favorite girlfriend for a long time. Parents of comfort presented to daughter another doll. The girl gave her a different name – Maya. New girlfriend also knew how to think, walk and talk. She does not sew, although she writes down with a ballpoint pen all stories composed by Leah.


Meanwhile, a handicraft-doll ended up into the forest, saw trees and various green leaves. She decided to sew a dress for Leah. The doll politely asked the trees:

– May I make a gift for my best friend from your leaves?

The trees bent low in agreement. Wind came to help, it shook the leaves from the branches.

The handiwork-girl began to collect the leaves. Red Groundhog went out from the hole for helping. Then White-bellied Hedgehog was running up and offered needles for working.

Aya laid an armful of leaves, made a convenient knoll for a sewing machine under the Tree, where Spotted Woodpecker lived, who tirelessly knocked into the tree with a strong beak. White-bellied Hedgehog run nearby, ready presented dark needles. There were not only threads but the doll saw Earless Spider.

– Give me, please, your thinnest, silky strings! I want to surprise one girl, she is my friend!

The spider was silent. The doll once again asked, but the owner of the threads was speechless.

– It has no ears, it can’t hear anything, – said Hedgehog, but then Spider answered.

– Yes, I have no ears, but there are small hairs on my legs through which I can hear everything perfectly.

– Then why don’t you answer?

– I am thrifty. Sometimes I have to eat damaged threads to weave new spiderwebs.

  Aya became so sad that the forest-weaver could not stand it:

– All right, take my cobwebs, – and began to throw thin, but strong threads to the needle-girl 


Thanking everyone, the doll began to attach a leaf to the leaf and sew them by hand. Sometimes, Hedgehog’s serious needles pricked her tender fingers to the blood. Then she stitched all leaves on a tiny sewing machine. Despite the pain in her hands, the doll worked enthusiastically and did not notice how the summer ended.

The surprise was ready – it turned into green and bright silk dress!

Aya wanted to take a present to her friend, but she saw slowly falling yellow and red leaves. “I have to sew a colorful blanket for Leah!” – thought the little doll.

And again her forest comrades came to her rescue.

Red Groundhog helped to collect multi-colored leaves, and then went into the den for winter sleep.

For her hard work, she took needles from the back of White-bellied Hedgehog, but after a time this sharp animal gathered at home to sleep soundly in winter frosts.

Spinner – Earless Spider threw off the elastic, silk threads to Aya and he was making a nest of cobwebs for himself for the winter.

By the end of the autumn, the doll was finishing the gift alone only Spotted Woodpecker, without fear of cold, rarely knocked on the wood with a strong beak.

The blanket works out with the sunny warm of early autumn and with drawings of orange and gold leaves!


Aya was going home, but when it snowed, she saw graceful, six-pointed snowflakes. She thought that from them she would make light brise-bise for Leah’s room.  Magic-girl had neither threads nor needles. And she shouted at the falling crystals:

– Can I make brise-bise for my best friend Leah from yours? She will be very pleased! Only asking you, please do not melt!

– That’s right! – chorus answered snowflakes. – We will not melt, but promise that from us you will doing the most amazing brise-bise in the world!

– I promise you! – with happiness shouted tireless doll.

She chained the snowflakes together. Working with crystals required even more patience. But there is a reason why the time had been spent. By the end of the blizzards, on Aya’s hands were glittering brise-bise of extraordinary beauty.

The doll wanted  to show all the gifts to a girl-friend, but then she thought that from the spring flowers and leaves, it would be lovely curtain for Leah’s room. As it should be, at this time of the year, the snowdrops first looked out,  then other flowers bloomed and Aya`s forest friends have awakened from winter’s sleep.

By the beginning of the new summer, the artist’s next idea was ready. It turned out such luxurious green curtains with languid snowdrops and multi-colored flowers.  Spotted Woodpecker, who had become noisy and loud in the spring didn’t knock on a tree for a few hours in amazement, looking at the creations of a needle-girl.

Satisfied  Red Groundhog and  White-bellied Hedgehog made a basket of thin rods, where they put a sewing machine and gifts for Leah.


Spotted Woodpecker, taking a basket into the beak, flew to the girl’s house. Below, catching up with the bird, run happy Aya, wishing the meeting.  Woodpecker put a wicker with gifts on the porch. It knocked on the window with beak and flying away. Leah opened the door and seeing Aya, shouted:

– How dare you come to me! Go away! I already have a Maya doll, and you are a traitor!

– At least accept these gifts, in which I put my whole heart and soul …, – said the handicraft-girl, fighting back tears, and turning around, run to the wood.

When Leah saw the gifts, she understood how Aya tried for her! Amazing gifts smelled of the forest and freshness. She felt ashamed, and the girl run after the needle-girl, taking with her doll Maya.  

– Aya, Aya!!! – shouted girl, until suddenly she saw Red Groundhog,  White-bellied Hedgehog, Earless Spider, Spotted Woodpecker and her handicraft on the forest meadow. 

– I  have never helped to collect leaves, knowing that you are so selfish,- muttered Groundhog, looking at Leah, displeasedly wags short and thick tail. 

–  If I had known that you are so heartless, I wouldn’t  give a single needle …, – begin to puff Hedgehog and stamps his little foot.

– And I wouldn’t give a single string, –  Spider whispered and unkind looked at the girl with eight eyes.


Leah cried, listening to hurtful things from the forest dwellers, and quietly whispered:

– Forgive me … sorry …

– Ungrateful …, – Woodpecker grumbled.

And at this time Maya doll began to speak.

– Don’t say that, Leah is a good girl … She just thought that Aya left her, so she got angry. But she remembered her every day, telling how they were friends.

            And needle-girl standing up for the little girl.

– Ah, my woodland friends, please do not scold Leah. I forgive her because I will never forget how she bathed me, put on dresses, combed my hair and every evening told me fairy tales.

– Fairy tales?! – Spotted Woodpecker was surprised. – Then let her to tell it, and if we like the tale, we will forgive her.

Tears dried on Leah’s cheeks, and she looked enthusiastically at the little crafts-girl.

– Thank you, Aya, you are so kind and faithful! – and then to glance at the dolls and wood-dwellers, added: 

– Now I am telling a tale about friendship. 

The Wind brought white sheets and colorfully drawn pictures.

– Oh, and who is this, so cute and prickly? – asked Hedgehog.

– And who is this chubby and red? – surprised looked drawing picture  Groundhog.

And each of our heroes found their own image.

– Let us gather all this into a real book, – offered the girl. 

Red Groundhog began to run and collect white and colored papers. Earless Spider threw off a long thread.  White-bellied Hedgehog borrowed a dark needle. And the Tree, where Spotted Woodpecker lived, asked the bird to make a book cover from its bark. The crafts-doll all fastened together with a needle and thread, and decorated the pages with bright flowers at the edges.

When everything was ready, Leah began to tell the story, and Maya neatly writes with a ballpoint pen: “Once upon a time there was Leah and Aya handicraft-doll…”.

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