Молдобек Ирсалиев

Страна : Кыргызстан

Я, Ирсалиев Молдобек – поэт, переводчик, публицист, общественный деятель, исследователь истории древних кыргызов, рода “Азык”(книга выпущена в 2009г.). Творчеством занимаюсь с малых лет, первая книга “Асманы жакын айылым” (Небо моей родины) вышла в 2000г. Сборник пьес “Даанышмандын дили” (Душа человека) 2005г.и др.

Country : Kyrgyzstan

I, Irsaliev Moldobek, is a poet, translator, publicist, public figure, researcher of the history of ancient Kyrgyz people, the kind of “Azyk” (the book was published in 2009). I’ve been doing creative work since my early childhood, the first book “Sky of My Homeland” was published in 2000. The collection of plays “About noble man” (2005) and others.

Our strength is in unity!

From the life of the ancient Kyrgyz

  Kyrgyz are an ancient nation whose roots go back to more than the 3rd century BC.  They lived in a territory that stretched from Shiber (Siberia), along the river – Ene-Sai (Yenisei), Altai to the snow-white Ala-Too (Tien Shan) mainly by birth.  Housing for them was a yurt, warm, light, comfortable of sheep’s wool (Boz үy).

  Defending themselves from the attack of strangers, they led a nomadic lifestyle.  They ate meat, milk, bread, honey, fruits and vegetables.  They drank kymyz (koumiss) in the main milk prepared from mare.  Do not eat pork and donkey meat, this tradition has survived to this day (except for urban).  The clothes were made of wool, fur, leather and silk handmade.

  Kyrgyz will not marry sons to daughters of relatives until the seventh generation to eliminate negative signs of inbreeding.  Their ancestors are Saki, Usuni, Aruu (Aryans), Huns – “children of the sun”, red-cheeked and from the word red, the word “Kyrgyz” originated.  There have been falls and rises in their history.  And the meaning of the word Kyrgyz remained indestructible.  If Tomiris, Atilla, Barsbek, Mahmud Kashkari, Zhusub Bala Sagyn, Al-Farabi, Babur are not Kyrgyz, then who are they ?!

  The Kyrgyz people have a rule (as instinct – self-preservation), which has been preserved for many centuries and it exists to this day.  All pressing issues, such as the values of the people, the unity of the country and not only, were resolved at the Council of Aksakals, which included representatives from all over the region.  The decisions made at this council were considered law and were strictly implemented by all those living in this region and throughout the country.  Even the ruler of the people (Khagan, Azho, Khan, Biy, etc.) considered their opinion.  The Council of Aksakals was created from among wise, smart, authoritative people with great life experience.  Kagan (9-10th century) did not accept a person if he was not yet forty years old.  Since his life experience was still not enough.  The basis of government by the population was in the following order: ayil bashchy –onbashi (ten’s manager), yuzbashy — centurion, minbashy – thousandth, tүmenbashy – ten thousandth.  The leader-forecaster (oluya – akylman) was always next to the ruler – kagan, khan, azho, bek, etc.  For example, Manas the Magnanimous was always close to Bakai, and Ormon Khan – Kalygul oluya, the forecaster.  The mentor of Kalygul was Sopu Ata from the Azik clan, his ancestor was the ancient Azes.

  The Council of Aksakals in the form of the “Court of Aksakals” existed under the Soviet Union.  However, responsibilities were limited.  The court consisted of examining issues of clashes between persons, cattle theft, divorce, and made recommendatory proposals.  With the independence of Kyrgyzstan, there is a vertical Council of Aksakals.  After the April coup in 2010, the action of the Council of Aksakals became more active.  The structure of the Council of Aksakals is expanding.  Such councils will cover all the ayil okmotus of the republic.

  Currently, contacts are established with all the verticals of power in the country: the President, the Jogorku Kenesh, the Government, administrations of regions and districts, including ayil administrations.  The government has adopted a number of National programs, such as “Taza Coom – Transparent Society”, “Smart City”.  The Aksakal Council supports these programs and contributes to their development.

  So, in 2016, the Committee of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on Agrarian Policy, Water, Ecology and Regional Development at its meeting: On the appeal of the candidate of agricultural sciences comrade Irsaliev Moldobek – head of the group of veterans of sheep farming, processing industry and science about the need to adopt the “National Program for  the production of fine wool and its processing in the Kyrgyz Republic for 2015-2020 ”at the initiative of deputies of the Housing and communal services of the Kyrgyz Republic Nishanov. S.  and Bakirova M.I., having heard and discussed the information of Kerimaliev Zh.K.  – deputy  Minister of Agriculture and Meloration and Irsaliev M.I., the Committee adopted decisions by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on the implementation of the tasks specified in the appeal of veterans.

  In addition, the “Council of Veterans of Industry, Agriculture and Science” in the future, “the Council of Elders” has developed a number of budget-forming projects for the development of regions.

  We are aware of current events in the world.  The fate of peoples is not indifferent to us.  Therefore, we oppose any form of violence, especially against terrorism, extremism, the testing of various types of weapons (atomic, hydrogen, chemical and bacteriological weapons, etc.).

  The life of people living on Earth should be calm and serene.  No such manifestations as Zionism, racism, chauvinism, genocide, etc.!  All the achievements of science, especially the experience of centenarians (Tibetans), should be directed into the natural course of life.  It is necessary to preserve the globe in its original form, it is the holy duty of all mankind!  The peoples of the world must always confront such phenomena as same-sex marriage, homosexuality, etc.  Air, water should be clean, and food – natural, without chemical additives and GMOs.  To the article, the “Council of Aksakals”, the Kyrgyz Republic can recommend the technology of preparing a natural drink – kymyz – (elixir youth) anywhere in the world, and even for tourists food – “gulazyk” that does not spoil for several days in a hike and much more (eg  – to be tasted by owner, nobody can taste before elders,forty prohibits for girls and etc.

The principles of the “Council of Aksakals” are such that the rich should help the poor, and the strong should be divided between the weak and the good among all segments of the people.

  The “Council of Aksakals” of Kyrgyzstan appeals to the world community to create a “Council of Elders” of the whole world.  “Our strength is in unity, to live on a beautiful land is good, but we deserve to live well, all this is in our hands, unite the people of the world!”

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