Задина Алина


Страна : Россия

В свободное время люблю рисовать, а также изучать иностранные языки (английский, испанский). Увлекаюсь творчеством с детства. Меня вдохновляет природа, а также окружающие меня люди.

Country : Russia 

I like spend my free time drawing and studying foreign languages (English, Spanish). I have been fond of creativity since childhood. I am inspired by nature, as well as people around me.






 Перевод “An Angel from the second floor”


Early twilight was covering city streets with a gray shroud. Passers-by were still hurrying to and fro, but there were not many of them. The snow stopped going and now solemnly laid, turning the city into a fairy kingdom. Christmas was coming.

Five-year-old Vova looked out the window and sighed. All day instead of preparing for the holiday, his parents just were moving out to another apartment. Vova knew the reason of it. Last night he heard his father quarreling with Uncle Mitya, his elder brother, who said:

“So get out of here!”

The house, where they lived before, belonged to Uncle Mitya. Most likely, he did not mean that all of them should leave the house during the holidays. But one must know Vova`s father with all his deep sense of justice and intolerance to any lie.

Finally, father decided to phone his institute friend who lived somewhere in the capital and asked to stay for a while in his apartment. The friend agreed gladly, because he would have someone to look after his house. So today all of them have moved to this old two-story house, which was situated almost on the outskirts of the town. There were eight apartments: four downstairs and four at the top. Vova immediately was given a small outside bedroom. And now he was looking at the snow, passers-by, on the old lamp post and thought about the Christmas tree, which was left in old place with all holiday atmosphere.

New two-story house lived its own life. The entrance doors slammed every now and then, everywhere were heard the cheerful voices of the new neighbors and the sounds of the cars coming and leaving. On the second floor, someone was arguing and running around, there also were noises of dropped things, the balcony doors slamming and, at all, it all sounded like a fight.

Parents were placing dishes and hanging things. They packaged all the utensils in the cabinets and side tables, which father’s friend clearly lacked. They were so tired and upset. Vova felt the same, so he was sitting in his room in complete darkness and did not speak to anyone. Then he heard parents switching on the TV and someone shouting: “Merry Christmas!”

“Christmas is gone,” thought Vova. “My Christmas Angel will not find me here, we moved out so quickly”.

The lamp lit up on the lamppost, lighting a piece of the street and Vova’s room. He looked back at the large cardboard boxes where all his toys and books were, and again sighed sadly. Suddenly he remembered about the angel, which he had managed to take from the Christmas tree, and found his jacket from under a pile of outerwear. A white angel with wrinkled wings was removed from his pocket and placed on the windowsill. Little Vova sat near the angel.

Everything went quiet in the house. It seemed that it was snowing again. Vova looked at large, enormous snowflakes and suddenly realized that it was not snowflakes at all, and white feathers slowly flew by his window, lying down on the snow.

“My Angel has come!” he nearly shouted for joy. But right there he was frightened: “Why are there so many feathers? May be something happened.”

Little Vova slipped into his jacket and looked out of his room. The television was on in the living room, and tired parents slept in front of it, sitting on the sofa. Little Vova sneaked out the appartment. The light blinked in the entrance, like it was frightened of Vova`s appearance, and went out. But the little boy managed to notice a few white feathers on the stair landing. He wanted to go out into the street, but heard someone sobbing from the floor above.

Carefully holding on to the wooden railing, Little Vova climbed the stairs. On the platform between the floors he stopped and looked up. His eyes became accustomed to the dark, and moreover there was dim street light penetrating from the small window above the stair landing. Vova saw the white silhouette and realized that someone was sitting on the top step.

“Are you angel? He asked half-heartedly.”Why are you crying?”

“I`m cold,” said the white silhouette very quietly.

“Come to my home! There is a warm and television is working.”

“May I?”

“Come on!”

The silhouette got up and silently started climbing down.

Little Vova almost slipped down, opened the door and ran into the living room.

“Mammy! Daddy!” He shouted. “I brought the Angel.” It’s frozen. I did not know that the Angels also can feel cold, but did you know?”

“What are you doing out of bed?” mother was surprised, rising from the sofa. “Why are you wearing a jacket?”

“And where is the Angel?” asked father.

Little Vova looked around.

“In the corridor, I guess. I left the door open.”

“Seryozha, take him to the bedroom, he needs sleeping. He is imagining things.”

“But I didn’t make anything up!” timidly objected Little Vova, “look at it yourself”.

“Look, look… we are going to sleep, my dear ” father took him to the bedroom.

Mother went out into the corridor and saw a thin 7 years old girl in a very long white nightshirt. She stood on the doorstep, not daring to enter and trembling from the cold. She had long blond hair and big blue eyes.

“Are you angel?” mother asked like Vova did a few minutes ago.

“I’m Lucy,” the girl answered softly. “We live above you.”

“Oh my God! You are barefoot!” mother hugged her by the shoulders and took the girl inside. Then she locked the doors and led Lucy into the kitchen, making her sit down on a chair. Then she  put a kettle on the stove and brought her knitted sweater and warm socks. While the girl was putting on all this things, a large tea cup with a cookie and a piece of apple pie baked in that house appeared on the table.

Mother poured the tea into the cup and moved it all closer to the girl.

“Eat and keep yourself warm. Did something happen to you?”

“No, it’s everything as usual,” the girl said softly, and looked hesitantly at the pie.

“Take it, take it, it is for you.” So what do you mean by saying “as usual”?”

The girl took a sip:

“Nice, warming tea.”

She sighed.

“Mom and Dadargued, and I ran away to Granny Kate.”

“Is this your grandmother?”

“No, she is our neighbor, her door is next to us. I always run to her. But today her flat is locked. “

“Wait,” mother remembered, “Is this a very interesting old woman with a black pug?”

“With Charliek,” the girl smiled for the first time. “We are friends, he adores oatmeal cookies.”

“As I know, she left in the evening by taxi. I saw through the window.”

“Probably she went to Uncle Tolya, he’s her son.”

“Do you want me knocking on you door and call your parents?”

“It’s useless,” the girl said. “They will not wake up until morning.” But if they wake up, it will only get worse, “she added.

“Do you have any other relatives in the city?”

“No. I do not have any relatives.”

“Help yourself, I will not distract you anymore.”

Mother poured herself a cup of tea and sat down beside her.

“Our son fell asleep,” father came into the kitchen and froze when he saw the guest.

“Are you an angel? He asked the girl.”

The girl was a little embarrassed and put a cup of tea on the table. It was noticeable that, she began to sleep because of a hot drink and a meal. She was yawning and stretching.

“This is Lusia,” said mother. “She lives above us.” And now she needs be put to bed.

“If it’s necessary, let`s do it,” father did not go into details. – Where?

“I’m going to make a bed in sofA,” mother said and left the kitchen.

“I’ll help,” father joined her.

When they returned, the girl slept, laying her head and hands on the table.

“So slim,” said mother.

“What a light one,” said father, lifting the girl.

They got her on the sofa and covered her with a warm blanket.

“Thank you,” the girl muttered half-asleep.

“Yes, sometimes the Angels need help,” father smiled.

Christmas night swam over the city. A light breeze blew white feathers from the torn pillow on the balcony of the second floor. They flew up playfully, circled through the street and slowly descended on the same white snow.

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