Александра Алексеева

Страна: Россия

Добрый день, Меня зовут Александра, мне 31 год, работаю и живу в Москве. Обладаю 3 высшими образованиями: «Мировая экономика & Внешнеэкономическая деятельность», «Переводчик в сфере профессиональных коммуникаций» (РАНХиГС при Президенте РФ, г. Москва) и магистратура «Геополитика & Международные отношения» (Институт Политических Исследований Science Po, г. Тулуза, Франция). С 2013 года занимаюсь устными и письменными переводами различных тематик. Обладаю опытом работы за границей в рамках проектов различной направленности в странах Европы, Африки, а также в России. Среди моих хобби: путешествия, книги по психологии и классическая литература, бокс. Возможность работы над творческим/литературным переводом предоставилась мне в 2022 году, когда мне было предложено перевести художественный роман российских писательниц. Роман носит название «Moments»; в нем затронуты разные проблематики нашей современной жизни. Это моя первая попытка поучаствовать в конкурсе «Open Eurasian Literary Festival and Book Forum». Надеюсь, что это первое участие подарит мне интересный и счастливый опыт и откроет дороги к чему-то новому. Спасибо! С уважением, Александра

Country: Russia

Sir, Madam, My name is Alexandra, I am 31 years old. Actually, I work and live in Moscow. I have 3 higher educations: World Economy & Foreign Economic Activity», «Interpreter in the sphere of professional communications» (RANEPA under the President of the Russian Federation, Moscow) and Master’s degree in «Geopolitics & International Relations» (Institute of Polifical Studies «Science Po», Toulouse, France). Since 2013, I have been translating texts & negotiation processes dedicated to the various themes. I have experience of working abroad in the framework of some different projects in Europe, Africa, as well as in Russia. My hobbies are traveling, books (psychology & classical literature), sports. This opportunity to work on creative/literary translation was presented to me in 2022, when I was offered to translate a fictional novel created by Russian writers. The novel itself is called Moments. It touches different issues of our modern life. This is my first attempt to participate in the Open Eurasian Literary Festival and Book Forum. I do hope that my first participation will give me an interesting & happy experience and open the way to something new & unexplored. Thank you! Best regards, Alexandra

Отрывок из перевода романа “Moments”  

We thank God for the opportunities that He provides us with, for the roads that He directs us to, for the people who leave an imprint on our destinies and on our hearts, for the moments that affect this live.

We would like to express our gratefulness to our families, to our beautiful children for their inspiration and support, to all those persons who love us, and definitely to those ones who don’t (you make us stronger and more charitable). We are thankful to each other for exceptional mutual understanding, unique, one-of-a-kind friendship and boundless trust. 

Chapter 1

April 2020.

The alarm clock was beeping treacherously, the clock reads 07:30 a.m. This day does not offer prospects of anything outstanding. Rachel was getting ready for her work when her phone rang, native & so close (for her) name «Mary» appeared on the screen. 

— Wake and bake and grab a pen, my beloved friend Rachel. Are you ready to set up for and go to work?

— Morning, Dear! Only you can replace a sip of the morning coffee filled with energy. What has this day in store for us?

Mary laughed loudly:

— Ray! Only the best stuff as always! Like… the best bookstore with the best but not always new books! The sweetest buyers with the most non-standard requests. Aaaaaaaaaaand our favourite boss – Josie Joe! 

Rachel let out a doomed moan, causing Mary to burst out laughing.

— Just stop being like a little old lady, shuffle on your smile, powder your nose and come running out of home, the working day will begin soon.

— Mary, where did you get so much energy from the very morning?

— I just wake up with a smile and I do strongly believe that this is the best day of my life ever.

— So, you say it is high time for self-suggestion? OK I’ll give it a try. See you in an hour and a half. Love you! 

— Love you too, darling. See you.

Rachel Jones, a young girl of twenty-four y.o. Her slender and fit figure is a result of the sporty past. During her school years, she was involved in athletics, and even now she goes for a run every morning, it helps her wake up. Her hair has an unusual chestnut shade, dark, but with slight tinge of red, especially in the sunlight; but she inherited her eyes from her dad, so green and expressive. Many persons were so jealous of her appearance, and Rachel was even unaware of her beauty. She was a tough cookie and a controversial person. To sort herself out is much more challenging for her than deal with the problems of other persons. During her childhood and adolescence, she expressed her feelings and emotions on canvas, but she ate herself up with self-criticism at such extent that she did not allow anyone to look at as well as evaluate her works. Perhaps, Rachel was afraid that someone would be able «to read» her when looking at her works, to learn about her experiences, problems and secrets. Sometimes, she seems to be too open according to her opinion, sometimes – just modest and introspective. She recognised perfectly that she could not hide herself from the outside world forever. She will have to commit mistakes as well as to find her strength for new roads and discoveries.

Rachel is currently a graduate of the Salve Regina University, she has graduated with a first-class honours degree, International Relations course. Although, she did not even think of working according to her specialty, since she was not at all interested in this area. Parents insisted on pursuing her studies in this field, and, obviously, she agreed, or rather, she lived up to their opinion. During her final year of studies, she began working in a bookstore and she made up her mind that until she acknowledges what she would prefer to do in her life, she would stay here.

Mary Miller, blonde with curly, unruly hair, kind eyes having a colour of the sky, medium height and with very appetizing forms that she could soundly lay emphasis on. She always garnered attention wherever she made her appearance, especially attention of the opposite sex. And it wasn’t as if her body played this role, but mostly her energy, goodness vibes were coming from her.

Being a new born, she was left by her mother right in the hospital ward. Mary was living in the orphanage for a year, afterwards, she was adopted. The foster parents were already over forty, they did not have their own children, so, they granted to their baby all love and care.

Like every person, Mary fell in love, she was loved, there were partings and resentments, however, she hung never down her head. She believed that a person can always be fine as a fiddle. Being hopelessly happy, with an amazing sense of humour, one of the brightest and kindest people with whom Rachel has ever met on her way. Mary naively believed that goodness and only goodness could improve and illuminate human life. That is amazing how she managed to remain so bright, because she also experienced a mental pain, which she did not part with from her early childhood. Before meeting her, Rachel did not think that such people exist on Earth.

Their acquaintance was completely fortuitous at first glance. On the other hand, as they were thinking about it later, they both perceived that it was not the case.

Chapter 2

When Rachel turned 14 y.o., her family moved from Jamestown to Newport. Her father got an offer to take a well-paid position in one of the prestigious yacht clubs.

Newport is a small and neat town. There are houses of the eighteenth and nineteenth century well retained here; they still hang tablets with names of the past owners.

Katherine Street was Rachel’s favourite one, the huge hedgerows were soaring up along it. The girl liked to look at the houses hidden behind the greenery and to imagine, conceive their owners. Who were they? What were they doing at that moment? What were they talking about?

People tried to fence themselves off from the rest world, so as not to hear or see others. And the local mansions were fascinated with their sophistication. It was even thrilling to look at them, just examining closely details of the incredible architecture; Rachel could only imagine how great it would be to live in one of them.

One beautiful spring day, when the sun is especially gentle and warm, Rachel went for shopping and, when she got home, she found that she had lost her phone. The girl was simply filled with horror at the thought that all her life in social media, all contacts, in one word – all stuff was just gone! She walked through the places where she had been previously, but, by all means, there was no point in looking there. Frustrated by her fruitless search, she came back home and she traced a note from her mother underneath the door mat. «Baby, come in as soon as you find this note». Parents lived in a neighbouring apartment. All three were quite satisfied with such a neighbourhood, mutual understanding and a friendly atmosphere always reigned in their family, so that no one was a burden for anybody. Rachel went to them without hesitation, because the only mean of communication that she had, – she had hopelessly lost.

— Mum, it’s me, open, please.

— Hi, dear. Please, come in.

As soon as she stepped into the apartment, Rachel was shrouded by the scent of her home – sweet home and her mother’s lemon pie. God, how soothingly it impressed her! There are some places where you feel safe and in a condition of ultimate relaxation. For Rachel, that place was her parents’ house.

Rachel’s parents were wonderful persons, and the daughter was surrounded by love and care since her birth.

Ben, Rachel’s father, is a tall and broad-shouldered man in his fifties, with dark hair barely touched with gray, and with green eyes. His glance preserved wisdom of the past years and warmth that soothed Rachel; even when she was so upset or frightened, her father’s eyes filled her with strength and peace of mind.

Sarah, Rachel’s mother, was a sophisticated woman with a good taste and impeccable manners. Her chestnut-coloured hair, brown eyes and fragile figure still attracted the views of men. Rachel often became thoughtful for a moment that she did not possess even half of her mother’s charm, and that left its mark on their relationship. Sarah liked when everything is immaculate, without a hiccup. She pointed out to her daughter some shortcomings regarding clothing or her behaviour. Rachel, while being still very young girl, learned to conform, to fit in in order to serve the idea when her mother could approve, her father could be proud, her classmates could be on friendly terms with her, etc. She always wanted and still she is eager to be real at least for someone, but she completely forgot how to make it possible. Though, there is no saying that Sarah did not love her daughter: Rachel was her reason for living, she just was showing her love in her own way, the way she knew how to show it, or rather, the way she had been taught to do it.


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