Аида Аманова

Страна : Казахстан

По профессии я экономист, но меня всегда тянуло к творчеству. Я с детства рисую, пишу стихи, сочиняю рассказы, увлекаюсь иностранными языками. Всего я изучала 7 иностранных языков, но моим любимым является английский. В будущем я хотела бы перевести с английского на русский романы Р. Сабатини. Также я являюсь автором иллюстрированного мной поэтического сборника «О чем мечтаешь ты?», на выпуск которого меня подтолкнуло призовое место, занятое на национальном литературным конкурсе «Алтын Калам» в 2014 г. На сегодня моей мечтой остается написание сборника рассказов для детей и для взрослых.

Country : Kazakhstan

My profession is Economics, but I have always been a creative person. Since childhood I have been drawing, writing poems, creating stories and learning foreign languages. In total I have studied 7 languages, but my favorite one remains English. In the future I would like to translate from English to Russian the novels of R. Sabatini. I’m also an author of the book of poems with my own illustrations “What is your dream?”, which I published after winning a prize at the national literature contest “Altyn Kalam” in 2014. At the moment my dream is to write a collection of short stories for children and adults.

Перевод фэнтази “Амина Туран в стране номадов”


White fluffy snowflakes were falling softly from the sky to settle down on fur hats of the people gathered in grievous silence under the branches of a gigantic tree. It was a sacred tree of the world – Baiterek, upper crown of which supported the sky while its thick roots went deep down into the earth. Cold gusty wind from the majestic Mountain Askartau blew relentlessly in frozen and thin faces of the people, but none of them even stirred. 

Suddenly their sullen silence was interrupted by the sound of a captivating music coming from the magic music instrument kobyz of shaman Turgynbai. The melody played by the tribal shaman and storyteller sounded so sad and mournful to the people as if it was a howling of a helpless wolf in the night steppe. The same was the spirit of the gathered crowd – sad and sorrowful. 

Little by little the kobyz music sounded more cheerfully with hopeful notes coming from the magic instrument of shaman Turgynbai. Gusty wind started to calm down, while strong and beautiful tune entered the hearts of the listening crowd, filling them with awe of expectation and warmth of everlasting hope. When the last notes of a melodious sound subsided in the air, the two brothers, the rulers of the upper and the lower tea bowl-towns, came forward. Facing the crowd, Kadyr Khan, the ruler of the upper tea bowl-town delivered a welcoming speech. 

‘Honorable people of the twin towns of grace and prosperity! Today we are gathered at the foot of the sacred tree Baiterek to say our prayers and ask the God of the sky, all powerful Tengri, to rescue our towns and lives!’

In return the weary and hopeless crowd of the small tea bowl-towns made barely audible and spiritless responses. 

‘So let us all say our prayer, and our words will reach the Creator of all living on earth and in the sky!’ confidently continued his speech Kadyr Khan. 

Lifting their hands to the sky and kneeling down, the twin brothers and all people of the small tea bowl-towns looked at the sky and the towering above them gigantic tree Baiterek with hope and prayer.

‘Оh, all powerful Tengri! 

Оh, sacred mother Umai!

Be merciful to us,

Bestow kindness upon us!

So that our homes are strong,

And our lives are long!’ spoke Kadyr Khan in a raised voice.

‘Don’t bring upon us steppe murrain and miseries!

Don’t leave us in the winter cold!

Save us from calamities and sorrows!

Save us from evil enemies!

May our prayers come true!’ sincerely wished Kasym Khan, the twin-brother of Kadyr Khan. 

‘Save our people from wicked doings,

Save us from thousand misfortunes,

On the dark earth may our lives be bright, 

May our homes be filled with joy of victory! 

Оh, all powerful Tengri! Don’t leave us in the hour of grief!’ sang Zumrat Khanum, the wife of Kadyr Khan, in a soft and gentle voice. 

‘Оh, aruakh of Baiterek tree! 

Оh, spirits of ancestors!

Hear our prayers and pleas! 

Save the tea bowl-towns from starvation!

Save us from an outrage of the malicious giants!’ ended the prayer shaman Turgynbai in his smooth deep voice.

‘Amen! So be it! May the Creator hear our prayers!’ exclaimed the people of tea bowl-towns in a loud choir, in whose hearts there was still a glimmer of hope for the better tomorrow. Yet among them were those, in whose chill hearts no place was left for kindness or hope, but only for wicked wit. 

‘I don’t believe that our prayers will be heard! Tengri, Umai, aruakhs – all this is good, but they have forgotten about us, and don’t want to hear our miserable pleas. Those living in the Upper World don’t care about earthly problems, for we all know that the fate of a man is in his own hands, and that is why we have to take action! If we find the sacred Book of Destiny, we will become the masters of our lives and our future, and no enemies shall be dreadful to us anymore! If only we had smart, brave and vigorous youth, who could find this most desired book in the world!’ grunted grievingly Vizier Idris, a principal adviser of Kasym Khan. 

‘You are wrong, Vizier Idris! Nothing good came from this idea, and I don’t think will ever come. So many people died trying to find this fabled book. The Book of Destiny was created by the all powerful Tengri himself, and for this reason it cannot be accessed by mere mortals like us!’ in a nasty and squeaky voice said Vizier Amir, a principal adviser to Kadyr Khan, clearly having little liking for Vizier Idris. 

‘Father, allow me to embark on a trip in search for the Book of Destiny! I promise, come what may, I will find this powerful book, in which the destinies of all folks and each man are inscribed separately. Even if this quest costs me my life and health I will save the twin towns of grace and prosperity, and my beautiful betrothed Princess Malika, from the giants!’ joined the conversation Estemi Bek − the only son of Vizier Amir. 

‘That is what I have been fearful of, my dear son! Nobody so far has returned from the quest to the Secret rock shelter, not even mentioning finding the Book of Destiny. Do you really think that you can do what other people couldn’t do before you? To find the Book of Destiny and still come back safe and sound – it is nothing but a foolish idea. It is pointless to waste your life on this quest! I need you here, my son! Listen to your old father’s advice!’ Vizier Amir started to talk his only son out of the dangerous task. 

Vizier thought that he had almost persuaded Estemi Bek from following this reckless idea, when Kasym Khan − the ruler of the lower tea bowl-town intervened in the conversation. 

‘Give the young man an opportunity to show his strength and valor. Let him prove what he is worth, that he deserves the heart and soul of my only niece Princess Malika?! If Estemi Bek has the heart to embark on this quest, we will give our batyrs − the best warriors under his command!’ he proposed with a tone not tolerating any objection. 

The words of Kasym Khan found positive response from the crowd gathered near Baiterek tree, but not in the heart of Vizier Amir. The string of outrage rang in his soul, but he couldn’t say a word. Fearing reproach from the people of the tea bowl-towns, who had lost their sons, brothers and fathers in this long and exhausting war against the giants, Vizier Amir chose wisely to remain silent. 

‘Estemi Bek is still very young and green, how can we send him on this highly important mission?! Better to leave him in a warm and comfortable hearth of his house, under his father’s wing! While we can, by all means, find worthy and more experienced warriors for this undertaking!’ tried to refuse this proposal Kadyr Khan. 

These words couldn’t but make Vizier Amir happy, as he was with all his heart against letting his only son go on a deathly task. Being accustomed to weigh his every act and think over his every word, Vizier Amir couldn’t help but utter, ‘The truth is spoken by honorable Kadyr Khan!’

However, the young man did not like the words of the upper tea bowl-town ruler. The blood of Estemi Bek went racing, overwhelming his heart with pride and vanity, which made him declare to the public.

‘Highly esteemed Kadyr Khan, even though I am young and unexperienced, as you say, I still believe in my fortune, strength and wit. Give me the chance to prove myself in this difficult task, and I will, by all means, save our towns and be worthy of the heart and soul of your daughter, beautiful Princess Malika!’ fervently pronounced Estemi Bek. ‘If I am joined by the most experienced and valiant batyrs and scouts, I will come back with victory by the spring feast Nauryz!’

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