Akylbek Djumanaliev

Страна : Кыргызстан

Деятельность – историческая наука, доктор исторических наук, профессор и заслуженный ученый Кыргызской Республики.
Вопросы философского размышления, художественное творчество – эссеистика, переводы стихотворений Японских поэтов с русского языка на кыргызский язык, автор нескольких монографий и научно публицистических статей. Занят творческой деятельностью с 25ти лет в течении 50ти лет.

Country :  Kyrgyzstan

Chief Researcher of the Institute of History and Cultural Heritage at Academy of Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor and Honored Scientist of the Kyrgyz Republic. Author of several monographs, scientifically public articles. I am also engaged in writing artistic prose, essays in Kyrgyz, and translation of poetry by Japanese poets from Russian into Kyrgyz. Busy with creative activity from my 25 years withing fifty years.

Who is this?

 “The Resistance put up against masses can be made by a personality who could organize his individual not in a less degree than masses” CARL GUSTAV JUNG.

  Since ancient times Self-Knowledge is the main interesting question in any human being’s life. In Delfi town of Greece Ancient Greeks wrote in the stone the following suggestion:

“Cogitate yourself”. We think it was written with certain purpose. As a matter of fact, since ancient times a human being has been curious to know himself/herself. Some of us managed to cogitate themselves, some are still in search and flying there like leaves in the wind. It seems that the Mankind’s cogitation, self-knowledge and curiosity form the essence, target of this whirlwind world. The existence of a human being is his life process, transcendental conventionality. Only within life process he/she is able to cogitate and get self-knowledge.

In this life a human being bears a relation not only to the outer world but he also has a relation with himself, he speaks to himself, he has endless fight around getting his aims, he is in search for reaching his gains. Nevertheless, a man’s existence depends on the level of his freedom, how he is accepted, used, treated and all above mentioned words are closely connected with each other. With getting freedom a person does not confine himself to show his personal character only, he tries to cogitate this world, widen his outlook, diversify perception of the world and finally find his own way of life and place in this world.

To find a place in this life is not so important but the essence of a human being’s life is to feel deeply each aspect of life, and have his/her own point of view on everything. The more a man is able to feel perfectly the essence of the entire life the more he tries to be in cognition, self-consciousness, get self-knowledge and find his own place in this life. By this way a human being becomes a harmonious individual.

A person who wants to reach his/her personality has three natural feelings or instincts: the Instinct of self-preservation, the Instinct of birth continuation, the Instinct of self-determination. During the life process of a person the first two instincts begin losing their values little by little. As for the third instinct, on the contrary, it gets valuable and precious social status for an individual’s life and a person does his best to make this social status be his main life goals, but the person who does not recognize the instinct of self-preservation and the instinct of birth continuation is considered by our society to be inadequate and deprived.

  In after years, when a person is busy with self-knowledge, he starts cutting himself off from the nature, community surrounding him and social meetings. He begins pitiless mental fighting with generally accepted understanding of the society where he lives and with his immature outlook, perception of the world.  Within his being he is in tragic reality and his inner world is destroyed.

According to the demands and interests of this or that society’s growth, each epoch creates its citizens and brings up the required social behaviour and character in these people. The masses have to obey these demands because it is impossible to run away from real determination.

If some favourable conditions appear, the people belonging to this or that society who are looking for the growth of their inner world start to be engaged in self-knowledge and self-implementation. Such people are usually winners and they help the society where they live with building intellectual, inner world growth and the genetic heritage. They are a locomotive of any society.

The great growth in all spheres of people’s life in any state is called in History as “Golden Age”. Peoples and the History remember the Golden Age forever. Of course, during that Golden Age period each person was not an individual but the difference of the Golden Age period from other periods is that, the famous individuals’influence on the life process of a society was absolutely great and important. For example, the poets during the rule of the Great Ghengiz Khan sang praises of a human being, his freedom, future and laud the Creator, studied the nature’s mystery and gave glory to the great famous individuals of that period.We know that during the Renaissance in Europe well-known, talented representatives of the 15th-16th centuries were the Great Representatives of the Enlightenment, the Educators in the field of Literature, Art, Science, Engineering and Technology. Those educators put a human being in the first rank and the center of the world and fought for his freedom.

During the Golden Age period each person had an occupation and a job, everybody was busy with work, their days were more or less organized and planned. For instance, some of people were engaged in farming, research work, in fruit and vegetable plantation technology, others were busy with construction schema jobs, some of them made ceramic things, the other ones were carpenters and someone composed poems.

People started to show their worth through above-mentioned occupations, got possibilities to prove that they are worthy members of a society where they lived. That time such tendency was a condition to become an individual. The stability of a state and society, its new demands inspire people to start their own business and be independent. People begin to believe in themselves and they get sure to do any work on their own. It is very important to give people freedom in doing their research work, business and job. When a man becomes a master of his life, he does not expect anybody’s support, but he tries fighting with life conflicts, clashes on their own. If a person is given some freedom, his creativeness is seized with a passion for enrichment of himself, the society where he lives, the world and widening a range of his interests. People need a united social society (for example: a state), the more an organization is complex, the more a member of the organization gets used to its complexity and he himself becomes complicated. As a result a man does his best to know himself, he recognizes his complexity, it means he starts to recognize the world’s complication. But it is interesting, thanks to the social society a man studies his essence and the world, nevertheless he begins denying the society which he organized and raised up. He tries to keep himself far away from this society. To have a state and social society is the main objective reason for being an Individual. If a society has no state, the demands for a person in such society are limited.

A state which has a great desire to leave its trails in History and aims at becoming a precursor for its society, next generation, then such state must take care of its citizens’freedom and give them various possibilities, great chances for their growth, prosperity and getting all-round education. On this way it is very important for the state to get and use its people’s intellectual, creative capabilities, sources for prosperous life of the next generation. Only by this way a man is able to discover his abilities, gain an experience, capacity to become an Individual and come to the best understanding of the life’s essence. What is the difference between a person and an individual? A human being is the most complex and unique phenomenon in this world. Sometimes he may become an indigent, at other time he looks like the bird ready to fly violently into the sky, at the same time he is a usual simple human being. It means, we cannot characterize a man and give his behavior certain determination. However, we want it or do not want, people always criticize each other, otherwise for what we need a society.

When is a human being able to study himself/herself? When does he ask these questions? Who am I? Who are you?  In which period of his life process is he able to cogitate himself? Is he trying to study the growing process of the nature, society where he/she lives, his mind and thoughts? Of course, the capacities of individuality are not limited to the above-mentioned questions and interests, a man must do his best to reach the summit of humanity, humanism and behavior. The man who is on this way wants to speak to the God, he even argues with the God, then he faces problems and sufferings. The more a human being’s intellectual and inner world grows, the more his sufferings increase. In this situation an individual through objective reality becomes a mirror between people and a society’s acknowledgement that supports connections and such individual has to be in the center of problems, solve difficulties, bring to the conclusion and suffers much together with the society.

Bishkek, 1992

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