Dana Zheteyeva

Страна: Казахстан

Меня зовут Дана. Занимаюсь переводами. Немного пишу. Воспитываю троих детей. Преподаю в университете. Переводить начала в 2008 году, издавала переведенные книги о казахских традициях и обычаях, казахских мыслителях и народные сказки в Казахстане и в Великобритании.

Country: Kazakhstan

My name is Dana. I do some translations and write a little bit. I bring up my three children and teach at the University. Started translating books in 2008 and then published these books about Kazakh traditions and customs, Kazakh thinkers and national fairy tales in Kazakhstan and Great Britain.




Перевод стихотворения “Чудаки”

Weirdos by Yulia Sobolenko


Let’s cherish this world entirely!

Why do we need a war?

War is a circus of stupid authorities

People don’t need any war!


Tell me what we should share?

Maybe the wages in rubles?

Or maybe apartments we live in?

Where we jostle in crowds?


Where the bathroom is occupied always

Or where there are no bathrooms.

Where both of your brothers were growing

And sharing one bicycle always.


What are we all turning into?

Chewing on our oil gum…

Fighting for space in a jammed bus,

And a car is the meaning of life.


We don’t even see the beauty,

Easily trash the “insides”…

And for the sake of this “tin can”

We bury our daydreams.


Concrete cells with good refit

And coats of the fur of poor mink.

These are our daily needs,

And the brain that needs a “clip”.


People get dumber and dumber,

Get “nerdy” all over the net.

You care about people’s judgments,

And chaos just rules every head.


Let’s cherish this world entirely!

Why do we need this war?

War is a circus of stupid authorities,

People don’t need any war!


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