Dana Jeteyeva

Страна: Казахстан

Участвую в конкурсе не первый год, но дебютирую в разделе Поэзия. Еще в студенческие годы начала писать на английском языке, но вскоре забросила. Сейчас в основном занимаюсь переводами – стихи, рассказы, романы… Работаю преподавателем в университете. Стараюсь прививать любовь к чтению у студентов.

Country: Kazakhstan

I participate in this contest not the first year, but this is my first seeds in the Poetry section. I started writing poems as a student, but then just quit. I mostly do translations now – poems, stories, novels… I work as a senior lecturer at a university. And I try to make students read more.

Стихотворение “A refugee in your own country “

Long time ago we all were born

In the big house of many nations.

We lived in peace, but now all gone,

Don’t care much of friendship.

We used to speak the same great language

And ‘Mama’ was our first word.

But now they will discourage you

If you don’t speak like your folks.

They make up new and crazy laws,

And still don’t think of people.

They made this deal like sheer rogue,

You speak, but don’t have power.

You cannot vote, you cannot judge,

But, hey, you speak your language!

You still believe that all will change,

But changes do need courage!

And now you are a refugee,

Freethinker, may I say?

You have no rights, no voice, no say,

And this is your own country!

But is it really, really so?

Can you believe in all this?

My kids were born in Astana,

But Nur-Sultan erased their memories…

My country wipes them off so quick,

Without asking my opinion.

Why would I ever want to stay,

And fix this crazy-ill sad union?

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