Cathie Cayros

Страна: Франция

Cathie Cayros – это мой литературный псевдоним.
Я не буду утомлять вас своей банальной биографией, где и когда я окончила школу, университет, получила свои научные степени. Это скучно. Однако для вас будет интересно узнать, что я врач по специальности, доктор наук. Именно медицина позволяет хорошо понимать психологию человека, его сущность, его характер, оценить его чувства и причины его состояния.
Жизнь интересна и непредсказуема! И случаются такие повороты судьбы, которых ты и не ожидаешь. Неизвестно, что ждёт тебя, какие превратности и неожиданные сюрпризы она тебе приготовила. Даже если ты считаешь, что мир рушится, почва уходит из под ног, и она держит тебя в таком состоянии неопределенное время – знай, это только пополняет твою жизненную копилку, открывая новые возможности. Следующим твоим шагом будет победа, и успех уверенно возьмёт за руку для достижения задуманного.
С этим я знакома не понаслышке, испытав всю бурю тревог и страстей, страхов и огорчений – я получила от жизни замечательный дар – творчество.
Как же ты прекрасна и величественна, наша дорогая жизнь!

Country: France

Cathie Cayros is my pen-name.
I won’t trouble you with the details of my trivial biography, such as, where I finished high school, when I graduated from the university and got my academic credentials, etc. It’s boring. However, you might find it interesting to know that I am a doctor and an M.D., Ph.D.
Medicine is a science that helps to understand people’s psychology, their essence and personality and makes it possible to gain insight into their feelings and reasons for their conditions.
Our life is interesting and unpredictable! Some twists of fate you don’t expect at all. You never know what is waiting for you around the corner. Nobody knows what vicissitudes and surprises your fate has in stock for you. Even if you think your world is breaking and the ground is falling away underneath, even if this state of uncertainty lasts and lasts – remember, that your horizons are broadening and new opportunities will soon be there for you. Your next step will take you closer to a new victory, and a new successful plan will find you and take your hand.
This is what I know firsthand. I am the one who had experienced all possible storms of passion and frustration, fear and dismay, and after all I have been rewarded with a wonderful gift – creativeness.
How beautiful and great you are, our dear life!

Синопсис “The story of my foolishness”

The lifelong road to happiness.

It could be a brief description of this poetic novel. The main character is trying to find her way, overcome her foolishness and not lose her love. She is looking for excuses to her actions that had led to losing so many happy days she could have spent with her loved one. She didn’t realize it when she was young but, as the years went by, she learned what to value. It is not easy to convey the message of this original and touching book briefly, but, nevertheless, I’ll try.Here is a short introduction for the readers.

The 60s of last century still feel so close to me as if they were yesterday. The memories are still living in my heart and bring back all those exciting feelings. A Russian girl, Elena, and a foreign student from Mexico, Miguel, fell in love with each other. As if an invisible thread connected their hearts and tied them together. Nothing could stop this unforeseen feeling between them. Having met once during hard times, in Moscow, they never broke up for good. The spark between them was so strong and unexpected that the young people realized neither the time, nor what was happening around them. Meanwhile, communism was thriving in the country, and dating a foreigner behind the iron curtain, under authoritarian rule, was regarded almost as treason. Elena could have lost everything: the opportunity to study and get a good job; she could have broken her whole family’s lives. But does love ever ask for permission? It just comes and strikes like a lightning. They tried to avoid this deep feeling but it was all in vain. Their hearts were conquered by the passion that was stronger than their fear. Their meetings occurred strictly according to the plan they had developed. Nobody was supposed to suspect their relationship. The university students were strictly controlled; if her relationship with a foreigner had become a public knowledge, she would have been dismissed or fired. Nevertheless, the infatuation was so inspiring and irresistible that it was beyond their power to stop it. There was constant desire in their eyes, fire on the lips, craving to hug each other passionately in their arms; their tenderness obscured their minds. For the whole year the lovers were drowning in the romance, harmony and sensuality. Next thing they knew was that… the whole world seemed to collapse and time stopped existing! Miguel graduated, became a doctor and left for his faraway and unknown Mexico. Where to get enough strength to survive the separation? They are not fated to be together. Their time had not come yet. Without further reflection, Elena joins a student team and leaves for the north to work during summer holiday and survive her grief and sadness.

Life goes on, and the girl will keep this beautiful feeling deep inside her soul, remembering and cherishing it, keeping it safe like something precious, admiring and enjoying the gift.

Then she enters the university. Now she is a student of the medical faculty. Study and social life take all her free time, and the past does no longer hurt that much.

One and a half year passed from the day he left. One sunny day in spring they saw each other again. They bumped into each other on a flight of stairs between two floors at the university; Elena nearly fell into Miguel’s arms. Everything started to whir again with a new vigour, as if they had never been apart. It was clear that love had never left their lonely hearts. Miguel had organized his three-day trip to Moscow in order to see his beloved woman again and asked her to leave with him. He had missed her, and it was hard for him to be apart. He didn’t want to live so far from her. How could Elena explain to her lover that her departure would have caused so many problems for her family and friends? She is still hoping that their time will come and their dreams will come true. With all her heart, she describes her emotions, her feelings for Miguel and her doubts.

Time flies like an arrow. Ten years as a flash. Miguel has become a scientist. He works for a university in his country; he is a teacher and a head of the scientific laboratory. He gives speeches at scientific conferences and has written a few books. Elena is a surgeon. She got married and has a daughter.

Our world is full of miracles. As if someone from above plans wonderful things to happen and keeps an eye on lovers. They meet again in Geneva. Miguel works for an international health care organization. Elena has come to Geneva with her family because her husband got a job there. They find each other again, in an unbelievable way. It was a complete surprise; pure joy for both. They are destined to spend only one day together; another crazy, astonishing, incredible day of their lives. Miguel asks her again to give everything up and leave with him because his work in Geneva has already been finished. Their love is still strong; they haven’t betrayed it. When they were apart, they were dreaming about seeing each other again; it seemed something magic. Elena can’t just leave her family though. Apart again! Life grants them another chance; why don’t they use it? They had already lost so much time! What else are they waiting for? Ten years later – a sudden phone call. An unexpected conversation. No doubt, their love isn’t dead. It’s alive!

Now Elena owns a clinic. She is a Ph.D., and everything has changed in Russia. Miguel is ready to organize a lab for her in his university. By then he is a world-renowned professor.  

Paris is embracing them with all its charm, helping them to reunite. Three magic days of love and stormy passion. They need each other so much!  

Elena messes it all up again. It seems like this foolishness has become part of her. She is torn apart by her doubts and struggling to tell him the truth: she is not ready for changes.  

“I can neither lose you, nor stay with you!” Elena says in despair.

Offended by her indecisiveness, Miguel leaves and sends her a goodbye letter. Why is it always so hard for her to make a decision? What prevents them from being together? So many questions and no answers.

“My happiness! I’ve been chasing you for all my life!”, Elena exclaims as in prayer.

Days go by, losing their charm; she is obsessed by the thoughts of the betrayal. How to gain his trust back? How to ask for forgiveness? Elena chooses the best way for her – to write a book. In the book she tells Miguel all about her love, her contradictions and desires, about her unforgivable foolishness that had kept her from making the right choice for so many years.

Her actions are analyzed in every chapter: her indecisiveness, anxiety, hurt and foolish mistakes, repeated again and again, as permanent as her intention to write the book. By the end of the novel Elena understands that she has spent years of her life looking for some truth but the easiest way would be to tell everything as it is about the torture she had experienced, about her fear to lose her lover. Miguel always forgives Elena; he doesn’t stop loving her. They have saved their affection over years and haven’t given up. This romantic story about love between people from two different universes teaches us to appreciate this fragile feeling of kinship. The characters’ personalities and emotions are highlighted by the descriptions of Paris, Venice, Seville, the nature around them and change of seasons. Elena reflects upon life, and her statements make the reader think a lot. The scenes of intimacy between Elena and Miguel portray all the passion and fire of their intoxicating desires.          

Read the book and find out what was the end of the story. It will make you look at your own relationship from a different angle and care about your beloved one even more.  

Chapter by chapter “The story of my foolishness” reveals Elena’s enlightenment.

The books has 31 chapters, each with a title. Chapters are variable in length.

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