Cathie Cayros

Страна : Франция

Cathie Cayros – мой Литературный псевдоним. Я родилась в Москве, около 30 лет проживаю во Франции на границе со Швейцарией в живописном местечке французской деревни 14-го века, на берегу Женевского озера Lac Léman, любимой художниками и поэтами прошлых столетий. Я врач, доктор медицинских наук. Совсем недавно встала на путь литературного творчества. Именно медицина позволила хорошо понять психологию человека, его сущность, его характер, оценить его чувства и причины его состояния. В октябре 2020 года опубликована моя работа «Арабески осени» в американском журнале, Нью-Йорк. В ноябре 2020 года меня приняли в Союз Писателей Северной Америки. В декабре 2020 года я стала Финалистом IX Международного литературного конкурса «Open Eurasia 2020» в Лондоне, в категории Проза лирическая повесть “The story of my foolishness” представлена на английском языке. В декабре того же года «Рождественская новелла» опубликована в Болгарском Альманахе «Литера». А апреле 2021 года опубликован рассказ «Жизнь солдата» в Болгарском Альманахе «Арт-Литера», номер называется «Писатели за Мир». В мае 2021 года отрывок из лирической повести «История моей глупости» опубликован в сборнике «Самому себе не лгите» посвящённого 200-летию Ф.М.Достоевского, Издательство «Четыре», Санкт-Петербург. Мне повезло опубликовать два эссе «Арабески осени», «Элегия старого Танго» в Литературном сборнике «Нить» -V, Издательство «Hertfordshire Press», Лондон 2021 год. В апреле 2021 года издана моя лирическая повесть «История моей глупости», Издательство «Четыре», Санкт-Петербурге. В апреле 2021 года я принимала участие в XI Международном литературном Фестивале “Чеховская осень 2020”, в номинации «Пейзажная лирика». За представленную работу «Арабески осени» удостоена ДИПЛОМА Почтения «За сохранениям Литературных традиций». В июне 2021 года произошло важное событие, я стала победителем IX Международного Конкурса «Open Eurasia 2020” в Лондон. В номинации Проза моя лирическая повесть “The story of my foolishness” заняла Третье место, и также вошла в Золотую десятку работ конкурса в той же номинации. В июле 2021 года стала лауреатом международного конкурса «Янтарный самородок» Союза Писателей Северной Америки, в номинации Проза за повесть «Непобедимый духом». Мне повезло, я получила дар творчества, способность выразить себя на страницах своих произведения, найти хороших друзей и коллег по интересам! Я люблю тебя жизнь!

Country: France

Cathie Cayros is my pen name.   I was born in Moscow and I have been living in France, in a picturesque place, close to the border with Switzerland. My village has been known since the 14th century and is located on the shore of the lake called Lac Léman, a lovely spot admired by many artists and poets of the past centuries. I am a doctor and have an M.D., Ph.D. in medical science. Literature and creative writing is still quite a new area for me. Thanks to my medical education, I am quite good at understanding human psychology and taking a deeper look into a person’s essence, their character, as well as comprehending their feelings and the reasons for their state of mind. My first work, “Autumn arabesques” was published by the American magazine,, New York. In December 2020 I happened to become one of the finalists of the 9th International Literature Festival “Open Eurasia 2020” in London. The English translation of my lyrical novel “The story of my foolishness” was presented within “Prose” category.   My “Christmas story” was published in the Bulgarian almanac “Litera” almost at the same time. In April 2021, my short story “Life of a soldier” was published by the Bulgarian almanac “Art Litera”. That particular issue of the magazine came out “Writers vote for Peace”. In May 2021, the St. Petersburg publishing house “Four” published a fragment of the novel “The story of my foolishness” as part of the digest “Do not lie to yourself” dedicated to F. Dostoevsky’s 200th anniversary. I was also fortunate enough to be able to publish two essays – “Autumn arabesques” and “The Elegy of Old Tango” in the Literature Album “Thread” V , Publishing house “Hertfordshire Press”, London, 2021. The St. Petersburg publisher “Four” published my lyrical novel “The story of my foolishness” in April 2021. Also in April 2021, I participated in the 11th International Literature Festival “Chekhov’s Autumn 2020”. My nomination was called “Landscape lyrics”. I was granted an award of honour “For preserving the traditions of Literature” for “Autumn arabesques”. In June 2021, I was one of the winners of the 9th International Festival “Open Eurasia 2020” in London. It was a very important moment of my life. My lyrical novel “The story of my foolishness” was nominated for the best book in “Prose” category and won the 3rd prize. Besides, my book took its place among Golden Top-10 of the contest’s works. In July 2021 I became one of the prize winners of another international contest called “Native Amber” organized by the Writers Union of North America. My story “Invincible spirit” was nominated for the “Best Prose Book”. I feel I’ve been blessed in life with my gift of literary creativity and the ability to express myself on pages of my own books. I feel lucky and grateful for all my friends and colleagues who share the same interests as me!    

Отрывок из повести “The Power of Passion“      


                         Series: Four Hearts  

“Your story is true,” Malik said, entering the room. “If you want me to help you, you should promise me that you will never try to reach your family – not ever again”.

He looked sullen, and I suddenly felt desperate and frightened. Does it really mean I will never be able to see my grandma, my only kindred soul?

“I’ve got no one but my grandma!” I cried in despair. “All the rest of them have betrayed me. I am the disgrace of the family for them. I am just a girl who doesn’t even deserve to live!”

“You won’t have a chance to see your grandma either. Do you understand how serious this is?”


“If you break our agreement, my family and I will be in big trouble”, Malik was frowning, and his look got even tougher.

I felt chills down my spine.

“You should be dead for them, honey”, Dana added. “You will have a new history. A different life”.

Doesn’t it make sense..? They only want to save my life.

“I promise you, I won’t let you down! I will be grateful and do everything you need me to do. I can work and I’ll return your favour. Nobody will ever know about this conversation”.

“Your name is Yasmin from now on”.

“What a beautiful name!” Dana exclaimed and looked at Malik cautiously.

“You are our niece, the daughter of my sister who died five years ago. You never lived with her. She was too young when she gave birth to you, and that is why she had been hiding you for so long, but I’ve found you and brought you here. This is your story”. Malik looked at me strictly. “You should never tell anyone else where you lived before and who took care of you. You get it?”

I nodded.

“Whoever asks you too many questions, send them to me. Then I’ll be able to help you and we’ll get away with it… Two years later no one will even remember about you. They will stop looking for you by then”.

I jumped to my feet and pressed my lips against his hand.

“It’s alright, girl, it’s alright”. He left the room.

“My husband is a good person. We lost our daughter. She would have been thirteen years old now. Her name was Yasmin. Malik has had a tough time since it happened. That’s why he agreed to help. Don’t let him down!”

“I won’t!” I promised with all my confidence and hugged Dana, trying to express my gratitude. “You will never blush for me. I will bear her name with dignity”.

Yasmin, I don’t know anything about you, but the trust these good people have put in me, saves me, and I will do everything to let them be proud of me. I will bear your beautiful name with love and keep it safe from harm.

I knew nothing about Malik. I had no idea what he was doing when he wasn’t at home. People respected him, almost worshipped him, from what I could see when he met others.

People lowered their heads respectfully when they saw my foster father, and they looked satisfied when Malik gave them a propitious smile. I got used to being treated with respect and politeness by any citizen I met, and I didn’t even bother to think why it was like this. After all my miseries, I was simply enjoying the recognition.

When we went out to town all together, it always felt like a special event, and I just took for granted whatever was happening around me. Malik’s family was rich, but I fairly believed it was none of my business, so I never asked any questions.

Many different people gathered in our garden in the evening. They were talking to each other for a long time, discussing business and drinking tea. Women were not allowed to interfere. Dana never took part in those meetings.

Malik’s face was always tough at those meetings, with unreadable expression. No one could say anything from the way he looked. He was watching everything closely, sitting at the top of the table, giving his opinion from time to time. Nobody ever objected to him. Everyone was listening to him, catching his every word.

Sometimes I was peeping from my window, watching the meetings out of curiosity, but couldn’t hear what they were talking about. I liked that everyone respected Malik and felt proud of him.

When he returned to the house, he was already a different man – kind and gentle. I carried out all his wishes, trying to please him. My foster father often checked my homework and talked to me about my future, making it clear that I was going to become his assistant in the company.  

It was true: when I grew up, Malik started to take me to his office. He would let me sit at his table and just observe everything. I had to listen and learn.



When I turned sixteen and successfully entered the university, our relationship began to change slightly, even though I didn’t notice it straight away.  


Once in the evening I was at home with Dana, and she said something that immediately alarmed me.

“It’s time to fix you up, Yasmin. We need to change your clothes, hair, and the whole style.”

“But I do feel good as it is. I have everything I need.”

“You’re growing up, girl. You need to take care about what you look like.”

I got struck by anxiety. This conversation can’t come out of nowhere. I knew a lot and was very well aware of what it might lead to. Are they going to marry me off..?

“The most important thing for me now is to study. I’ve just entered the university. It is more important for me to gain knowledge than look attractive,” I tried to change the subject and find out the reason for this conversation.

“Well, of course, you’re right, and you understand things correctly. However, you should not forget you’re a woman. It’s no good to ignore it.”

My heart began to race. How would I be able to refuse? I have no right to do it.

Dana continued with a smile.

“Let’s go shopping on Saturday and visit a beauty salon. Let them turn an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan,” she said jokingly.

When I was finally alone I wrapped myself up in the blanket but couldn’t get warm. Fear overpowered my heart; it was a disgusting and depressing feeling that something bad was about to happen. I couldn’t fall asleep that night.

The next morning all the night stress was written on my face.

“Are you ill, Yasmin?” asked Malik looking at me closely.

“No, everything’s good,” I answered as lightly as I could.

Before I got in the car so that Malik took me to the university, I noticed Dana and Malik standing aside and talking.

She looked downcast, and her husband was telling her off for something.  

No one mentioned my style again that week, and I relaxed. However, on Saturday morning, the topic was resumed while we were having breakfast.

“We are going to turn you into a beautiful lady today, remember?” said Dana with a smile.  

“What are you two up to?” Malik asked with factitious curiosity.

It was the first time I really sensed his insincerity. Did he really not know “what we were up to”?

What is all the performance for? What are you up to? My galvanic smile was giving me away. I did guess they had some plans about me.

How naive I was though! My past didn’t let me think straight and see what my second family was planning. My experience was too limited and straightforward to imagine the insidiousness my nearest and dearest were capable of.


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