Юрий Парфенов

Страна: Россия

Я родился 1 июля 1958 года в Ленинграде. Окончил ЛИТМО (1989).  В 1977 работал в Коми АССР в геологоразведке помощником бурового мастера. Служил в армии (1977-1979). Работал в 1991 году техником на Ключевской вулканологической станции (Камчатка). Работал вожатым в детских лагерях отдыха. Как бард записал 13 аудио альбомов, из них 11 с детскими песнями. Вышли книги: «Тайна Крылашкина двора», «Подвиги первоклассника Ильи», «От ручья до моря» и др. Публиковался в детских журналах. В 2005 году как режиссёр-мультипликатор снял мультфильмы по своим сценариям: «Листочек», «Родимые края» и др. Выступаю с концертами в школах, библиотеках, детских садах. Люблю море, люблю рисовать и сочинять загадки. Сайт: gazunya.spb.ru

Country: Russia

I was born on July 1, 1958 in Leningrad. He graduated from LITMO (1989). In 1977 he worked in the Komi Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in geological exploration as an assistant to a drilling foreman. He served in the army (1977-1979). He worked in 1991 as a technician at Klyuchevskoy Volcanological Station (Kamchatka). He worked as a counselor in children’s recreation camps. As a bard recorded 13 audio albums, 11 of them with children’s songs. Books were published: “The Secret of Krylashkin’s Court”, “The Feats of First-Grader Ilya”, “From the Stream to the Sea”, etc. It was published in children’s magazines. In 2005, as a director-animator, he shot cartoons according to his scripts: “Leaflet”, “Birthmarks”, etc. I give concerts in schools, libraries, kindergartens. I love the sea, I like to draw and compose riddles. Website: gazunya.spb.ru

Перевод музыкальной сказки “Воська и Томпик, или Как паучок черепашку спас”

Chapter one,

in which Krue the turtle waits for Flim the eagle

Birds, animals, fish, and insects run, swim, and fly all over the world. And this story took place in the jungles and neighboring Savannah of Africa.

Most important in those places was lion Altimor. He made sure that order was kept and that no one broke it. His whole week was scheduled: every day he was busy with something important. One day he worked in the archive, where all his decrees are collected. On another day, he went to the reception of foreign ambassadors and distinguished guests. On the third day, I sorted my mail and wrote letters. Then he would devote a day to learning foreign languages, so that he could do without an interpreter. The next day he praised cleanliness by going to the bathhouse on the lake. Then he repeated the Royal etiquette: bowing and waving his paw. Finally came my favorite day-the circus of Jolly meerkats. If the artists were on tour, Altimor would go to the library or play palm-leaf solitaire. In General, they talked about it:

– On the animal throne of your seat,

Decrees of Leo.

He is powerful and luxuriant,

Both harsh and fair.

And then one day, on an ordinary bath day, everything happened.

Crewe the turtle had important things to do then, too. And not some chimpanzee dance, but real skydiving. At the designated spot, she waited for the eagle Flim. He was supposed to lift her up into the sky, and she was supposed to jump from there. Now, at the edge of the jungle, near the edge of the savanna, she was walking and grumbling.

– Where is the eagle?” We agreed for the morning. I can’t go up in the sky without it… If I had wings, I would have taken off and jumped long ago… Although – “she leaned on her backpack,” if I had wings, I wouldn’t be skydiving.” I’ve never seen a bird fly with a parachute. Where is he, the swift-winged eagle? I’ll leave.

Crewe began to pack. But when I looked up, I saw a small black dot in the sky.

“At last! she waved her paws. “I’m here!” Over here!

The black dot came closer and closer. The turtle waved and waved. The dot didn’t increase. Finally, it came right up to her nose. It whirred past them, then plunged into the undergrowth like a dot.

– This is a fly Juska, dropped her legs parachutist. – No, a fly won’t lift me up. Let it fly on. Running around here, confusing! – the turtle was upset.

Chapter two,

in which the spider Eight weaves a web

Krue did not think that this tiny Bug would stir up the dense jungle and endless Savannah. Guska was the same fly that couldn’t catch the spider Awosme (Voska). They called the spider that because when they asked, ” Spider, spider, how many legs do you have?” he answered, “there are eight of them.”

So he became Awesomecon. But it was hard to say. And it was reduced to an Eight (Voska).

And Juska him that the web will tear, the pattern on the back get so that does not wash off. She was buzzing all over his ears. Teaser came up with:

On the grass crawls an awkward

A spider with a rotten rope!

The boy worked hard at weaving a web on it, and in a check, and in a stripe, and lace, and with loops, and with hooks. Once he sat in silence, just poured tea, then Juska. I jumped for it and spilled all the tea, well-I didn’t have time to sweeten it: so much sugar would have been lost.

And that-even more tease:

Will you go North,

Will you rush South,

Who won’t you meet,

And worst of all – a spider!

The Eight-year-old’s patience snapped. And he decided to weave a web not simple, but … thick-thick. Thicker than a vine, stronger than a tree. It took a long time, but still he made an unprecedented trap.

– It won’t break, ” he was testing her.

He did not lose hope of success. Believe in yourself. And those who are focused on success are always cheerful and cheerful. Admiring his work, he began to sing:

– You trudge, stretch, and wriggle,

My web!

Between the twigs spread,

I made you!

“Miracle master” – they say

About me, about the good guy.

The web no matter how twisted,

And there is no end in sight!

And we, the spiders,

Eight whole fists.

And look at your heels –

Five and three.

My web!

I made you! Oh, me!

At least not everyone has a picture

This nice one is visible:

The invisible web

And beautiful, and tender.

And when the sun shines,

I’m drying clothes on it!

Where it’s thin, it’s torn,

This isn’t about her!

I love on the web

Lie belly up,

Thus, on the back,

Fresh air to breathe.

I did it diligently

This yarn between the branches!

Fly in, flies! Where are you?

Let’s rock on it!

The boy listened. I heard someone buzzing. He took cover. Kept an eye on it. But it wasn’t a fly at all, it was … an elephant. The spider became nervous, as if this passer-by, nowhere worthless, did not disrupt the hunt: did not crumple and tear down the web.

Chapter three,

in which Tompik the elephant went for a walk

Did not know about the plans of the spider, the jungle walking elephant Tompipon. He was so named because he was born near the Tompipo river, which sometimes dried up, then overflowed, but more often flowed as a stream. The elephant was good-natured and friendly. They called him simply Tonic. Now his strong legs were leading him along a familiar path. He went singing:

– I’m so great,

Cute elephant,

Round and fat

In turn.

And look how wonderful they are

Little white tusks,

Grey legs

And everything else.

And I will tell you frankly:

I’m walking on the grass,

I won’t bite anyone.

Or wagging my tail,

Or waving my trunk,

Or all at once.

The sky is silver,

The sun is Golden.

And under the baobab

Grace and quiet.

But what if the bird

Someone will shout from above,

I am not going to

Tell her, ” Shoo!”

Palm trees and lianas,

Zebras, monkeys,

And before my eyes

The river runs.

But what if a fly

Sit on my ear –

I won’t touch the little ones –

Let it buzz.

The elephant safely passed the sprawling ambush. And the Boy, sensing a threat, came out of hiding.

– What’s he doing here?” Still would to the left, a cobweb it would graze. It seems to be intact… Strong, – the hunter calmed down. But then I heard a familiar, unpleasant sound.

– Fly! Sure – Juska! Now I’m hers!

He managed to run for cover. Measuring. This was the one he’d spent half his life tracking.

Chapter four,

in which the fly Juska almost got caught

The fly whirled and hummed a song that the spider knew as its eight legs. Gritting his teeth, he listened to her again.

– If someone has a belly,

He has an appetite.

This is any fly for you

He’ll confirm it at lunch.

I fly through the air

I run around.

Anywhere, I live,

On whom I want, I sit down.


I have a beautiful

Big-eyed head,

Transparent wings,

Six-digit legs.

I like any country

And different edges.

And bugs and cockroaches –

My best friend.

I am always ready to meet you,

Waiting for the trembling,

Dear scarab

And my favorite tick.

What about the silkworm,

Immediately I will be in silk.

I’m so happy, so happy,

That I walk on the ceiling.

I’ll be happy with him,

Marvelous-most wonderful.

That’s why I fly

Like a jet.

Juska was putting on airs by their elusiveness. But I didn’t notice – oops-when I flew into the spider’s web. The spider rubbed its fists together. Just a little bit, still drop… But Juska braked. Hovered.

– What is it?” Something familiar… Ambush! – she jumped out of the treacherous fetters.

The boy jumped out with a spare net. Threw. But Juska dodged.

“Ah! I didn’t have time! the hunter clenched his fists. – Well, I’ll show you!”

And she ran off teasingly.

“I caught one of them –

Fell headfirst!

“Ungrateful! I spun such a web, but it didn’t get caught. How could she? I’ll catch you anyway! It won’t go away!

– Tricked the spider

Four fists!

Rotten to the bone,

Learn to weave! –

it came from a distance.

“Well, tease! the old Man bit his lip. – Don’t blow your wings off!”

He walked nervously along the thick threads. Trap detected. A new hunting trick was needed.

“I’ve got it!” “honey!” He exclaimed. I’ll smear it on a spider’s web! Juska not stand – bite! spider asked.

A week ago, a familiar wasp Kasia gave him a jar of sweet honey. He didn’t ask where it came from. By the way, there is a riddle about her in the jungle:

Flying, buzzing at altitude,

Five bands on the abdomen.

A rare beauty,

And how evil bites!

Now her gift was just right. The jar was stored in dense bushes. There he made a hanger – web tilted palm leaf, and the point pointed to the sweet hiding place.

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