Юлия Боброва

Страна: Россия

Формально на пенсии, но немного преподаю английский язык он-лайн. Читаю, люблю писать отклики на художественные произведения.

Country : Russia

I’m a pensioner but still I teach a bit English on-line. I like reading books both fiction and non-fiction and write reviews on some of them.



Перевод стихотворение Анастасии Кузьмичевой “Печаль




What are the colors in the grief:

Blue rain, dark wax.

The color of the wind, that swings our dreams,

And tarmac with its blackish gloss…

It’s awesome… Don’t you agree?

To follow the grief at random.

Let it the sun’s inanity remain still vague.

Try to hear the cunning noise of panic…

And later you may start again,

Having cast the dust of fuss…

The grief  – those crystal shackles

To all the days with symptoms of the hight.


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