Фарзана Акбулатова

Страна: Россия

Я член союза писателей Республики Башкортостан и Российской Федерации. Пишу со студенческих лет. Работаю в жанре прозы. Автор многих рассказов, повестей и двух романов. Первая книга вышла в 1996 года “Фронтовой хлеб отца”. В настоящее время являюсь автором семи книг.

Country: Russia

I am a member of the Union of Writers of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Russian Federation. I have been writing from my student years. I work in the genre of prose. The author of many short stories, historic narrative and two novels. The first book was ” Father’s bread ” in 1996. I am the author of seven books.

Отрывок из рассказа “And your flight will not intermit”

              Chu-Chuh, Chu-Chu-Chuh, Chu-Chuh…

Farida has been traveling with children on the train for four days already. Hearing that at the next station they would stand for half an hour, she quickly gathered the children and went out onto the platform. At the station, the people made a mess – someone was weaving, piling on a bag, someone was carrying their belongings on a trolley. Beggars were also missing, street children rushed past with the wind. Rusty freight trains, iron pillars, a cutting noise, screeching moans, and a terrible stench – all that made a heavy impression on the woman. Farida Nureyeva, who had never traveled so far before, kept her way to a godforsaken region – Vladivostok. Since she got married a military man, the question “where and how to live?” disappeared by itself. Her Hamit is a political instructor, a Soviet propagandist, in his duty he must be in the forefront. And his relatives should follow him everywhere the head of the family goes. Well, at least the eldest daughter helps her, otherwise, Farida would feel herself badly.   She, as she stepped on the platform with three young daughters, immediately lost herself in the crowd, as if in a fussy anthill. Rausa, trying to somehow encourage her mother, said:

             – Mom, I’m going to get some water. There is not a very big line,” said Rouse, pointing in the direction of the line at the water dispenser.

             The woman nodded to her, and she herself moved to look for a place in a quieter and more enchanting way, where you could catch your breath. The middle daughter followed her older sister. Farida dragged the younger, deaf-and-dumb Lily and sat down on the bench, waved to her daughters. From nowhere, suddenly, an old woman wrapped in a black shawl appeared in front of her. “Is this a gypsy?”, the pregnant woman became alert and pulled her daughter closer to her. But then the thought that they had nothing to steal had come to her mind and calmed her down as well.              

             The old woman who had long drilled her with her eyes finally spoke:

             – It is like a raging wind, a whirlwind. Constantly on the move. In move…

Though she herself is skinny, and her voice is kind of rough, low, this gypsy woman. Whom was she speaking about? About her husband or what? If so, then she, by the way, was right, as because of the head of the family, they always have to be in motion… If you object something to this old woman? Not worth it, otherwise you won’t get rid of it, it is better to keep silent. I want this nasty old woman to get rid of her as soon as possible.

             – I swear! I see star climbing! She will go from East to West. One side is bright, the other is dark, like a black abyss…

             “Only the sun can move to the West,” Farida interrupted her.

And the gypsy didn’t even hear:

– Everything in your life will change. This star will not fade away! What frowned? I’m not lying, but I see everything clearly!

             Farida imagined a husband with his stars on his shoulder straps and shuddered. As if the case did not come to war. Recently, more and more about these rumors.

             – And she will return home? This star? … Farida asked quietly.

             – You will wait. All your life you will wait … And he will wait.

             – What?

             – Meeting with you.

             – Get out, witch!

             “Give me something, I don’t guess for a gift,” and she pulled out a handkerchief from the hands of Farida and added evil: “All your life you have to wait for this star!”.

             At this time, approached Rauza. Hearing the last words, she asked:

– Star, you say? My father is a military man! He is a great military director! – His uniform is hung with medals. Yes, mom?

Growing up in orphanhood, who could not argue and be rude to Farid, this time did not contradict. She grabbed the children and walked away from the other way.

“Oh, this gypsy! Let others fool around! So I have enough worries. Rather getting to Khamit, take the children without incident and take care of yourself, after all, the fourth is already on the way …”

– Mom, here’s a drink, drink it! – Razida reached out for the cup, which was in the hands of the older sister.

“The star is yours … One side is bright, the other is dark. There will be both joy and sorrow from him. And you will be full of one and the other. Always your heart will bleed.” Not true! Farida is a citizen of a new Soviet country, where there is no place for prejudice and superstition. In her youth, she herself participated in agitational work, fulfilling Komsomol instructions for overcoming the influence of religion on the masses.

– Our dad is the strongest. He has a weapon. He is brave and is not afraid of anyone! – Proudly says Rausa.

“We do not believe in any nonsense …” – Farida convinces himself. She looked at the younger Lily, who had an uneasy look in her eyes. But she is deaf and could not hear the words of the old woman. So she caught an anxious condition of the mother … Off all doubts and get a hold of yourself!

             Farida presented a meeting with her husband. A long way comes to an end. She has support, support, and protection – her husband Hamit, would rather see him. This gave her strength, and for a time she forgot about back pain. Soon the family will reunite and will never part. They will always be together, and all troubles will bypass them. The child in the womb, as if reading her thoughts, began to kick more strongly, as if wanting to see his family as soon as possible.

It seemed that this time the knocking of the wheels was more fun. Through the dirty windows didn’t let you see anything.

Chu-chukh … Suddenly the loins caught. Involuntarily moan escaped. We must find the strength to withstand this pain! Just about soon we will reach the right place, be patient, baby! Your time has not come yet. Calm down, dear! Oh! How stubborn and impatient you are with me.

             “Daughter, go see a conductor,” she told Rouse, overcoming her pain.

             After some time, the message swept through the train: a Muslim woman had a baby in one of the cars.

– Well? Who! – Farida asked, licking her dry lips.

– You have a son!

– My son!

A son! The long-awaited son of Hamit! The world seemed lit up and began to play with other colors. All the pain in an instant disappeared somewhere.

– Rausa, send a telegram to your father at the nearest station. Say that he has a son!

– Rudil, my son, are you ready?

– Yes, I have long been ready, moms! And the sister is not yet!

– Razid, look, your brother is already dressed and waiting. Be smarter.

– Yes, you have all the time Rudil yes Rudil!

– I’m all in a hurry. It is better to come earlier than to be late.

Today the house is so lively. Or is it just Rudolph seems so? Today they are going to the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theater for the first time! Of course, for everyone in the house,  it is a big event. Mom walks all kind of winged, her eyes sparkle with joy. Rarely is she so happy? It seems that her inspiration is also transmitted to children, and they, not feeling the measure, begin to play about. Farida apays somehow calms them down, and they, pushing, still fooling around, get out of a cramped apartment.

               Rudolph used to pass by the building of the Opera and Ballet Theater, and it somehow agitated and even scared him a little. And now, having come here already with his family, it seemed to him that the theater seemed to be glowing and looking forward to its new guest. The boy’s heart beat with excitement: knock-knock, knock-knock. But he didn’t even dare to dream about what could be in this magnificent place. His breath caught, his lips were dry.

Farida Apay has only one ticket in her hands, all five people cannot go through it. Therefore, she hoped, coming early in the theater, to find some way to let her children into the hall.

However, before the entrance to the theater has already lined up a huge queue. There were quite a few such applicants for the excess ticket.

“Children,” Farida Apai glanced at the eldest of the children, Rausa, – do not even think to leave Razid … I will come with Lily, and then, maybe, you will somehow be able to be held.

And she looked at Rudolph. The son clearly felt the excitement of the mother.

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