Садыг Гараев

Страна: Азербайджан

Гараев Садыг Гурбан оглы. Доктор философских наук, доцент, член Союза писателей Азербайджана и России. Научной работой занимаюсь с 1997 года, литературой с 2014 года. Я автор 45 научных статей, теории «Орбиты и универсального существования», романов «Контрасты без берега» и «Тени без хозяев», рассказов и повестей. Я люблю путешествовать, наблюдать за растениями, играть в шахматы и заниматься спортом. Я люблю пасти ягнят.


Country: Azerbaijan

Garayev Sadig Gurban oglu. Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor, member of the Writers’ Union of Azerbaijan and Russia. I have been doing scientific work since 1997, literature since 2014. I am the author of 45 scientific articles, the theory of “Orbit and Universal Existence”, novels Contrasts without a shore and “Shadows without Masters”, stories and novellas. I love to travel, observe plants, play chess and play sports. I love to graze lambs.

Отрывок из прозы “Alchemist and Vitis sylvestris.” 

Soon the sky would clear up. It was necessary to hurry. As soon as it dawns, Valish kishi would wake up and listen carefully to the sounds coming from around him. Not beleiving his ears, he would stand up, and would watch all sides from  the guard shed. Then he would ride his black horse and walk around the field. Gurban had learned them exactly. But he could not get up. He had been watering the clover field all day until midnight and was very tired. He had been lying in bed for less than two hours. He slept without having supper or washing the mud off his feet because of fatigue and sleeplessness.
Now he could hardly open his eyes. Having been added the coolness of the summer mornings, the sound of birds’ singing, and the fresh air with the smell of cut grass, fruits, vegetables, and roses in the yard over his tiredness,  brought him into a wonderful world of sleep. He wanted to slumber for five to ten minutes and then get up. However, he quickly changed his mind. He could lie down and oversleep, and Velish kishi would meet him on horseback … He remembered his father’s words: – You woke up, count one, two, three! – Get up. He did so.
The sky was cloudless. He was looking at the stars. It seemed to him that the stars were winking, smiling, knew where he was going. Gurban liked it. Alabash (dog) was also leading the way. He knew where his owner was going like the stars. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stop her.
He had reached  the vineyards. He quickly got into the rowspicked  the ripe grapes from the bunches, and began to fill his buckets. He had heard that a black grape had a lot of juice. He wanted to gather more of them. But these bunches of grapes were hard to pluck them from the vine, sometimes the grape berries remained in their hands, and the bunch did not separate from the twigs. At that moment, the inside of his hand hurt and dabbled in grape juice.
Finally, he filled his two-pood (16 kg) buckets with grapes and hurried out of the garden. Dense and tall grass grew between the rows. As he walked fast, where located  the spikes of  soft clusters of fruits of durra touched on his face, and gave a pleasant smoothing effect. However, the thin ribbon-shaped, long leaves of this plant had sharp edges, were leaving deep, burning marks on his bare wrists. The clotbur touched his face and grided in his arms.
Ignoring them, Gurban reached the end of the row. Carefully looking around, Valish kishi looked at the man’s shed, saw that the black horse was there, and when he was sure, he left the row and began to walk towards the house, often with big steps. The buckets were very heavy, the thin handles cut off his hands. Nevertheless, more than a kilometer away, he put these buckets on the ground only twice and rested for a short time. He was in a hurry. I had to go back again. Because these two buckets of grapes were not enough for the work he intended.
He had entered the garden for the second time. He gathered grapes in both buckets. However, he did not fill the buckets that he could collect a sort of raisin over them . He came to the depths of the garden in search of raisins. At times though he met a grapevine of raisin variety, the grapes were not yet fully ripe. Finally he found a bush, with dense grape cherry, with large clusters. He picked  two cherries and put them in his mouth. It was as sweet as sugar. He picked the bunches very quickly and filled his buckets to the brim. Quickly, he started to go out of the garden by breaking through the tall grass. It was almost the end of the last row, he was extremely exhausted and very tired. The handles of the buckets cut his hands.
He stopped, put the buckets on the ground, and took a deep breath. He wanted to rest a little. He bent down, plucked two or three bunches of raisins grape and put them in his mouth. At that moment, Alabash barked and jumped forward. When Gurban raised his head, he saw a black horse coming towards him at the end of the row. He quickly took the buckets, went through the three rows of wires to which the grape twigs were tied and  separating the rows of vines, and when he tried to move to the next row, the whip hit him in the back. However, he moved so fast that the whip didn’t fully grasp him and only the tip hit him. Nevertheless, he felt a thin, burning pain in his back …
-I tell you, stop! You won’t be able to escape in any case, son of a bitch! -Valish kishi shouted.
He could not stand swearing, he wanted to curse Valish kishi, but he changed his mind. He thought that maybe he didn’t know him yet, it was dark, if he spoke, they would recognize him, they would call his father to the office … He decided to take vengeance on him in other way.
The black horse ran as fast as it could to the 100-meter row, and Valish turned it around and put it back in the new row. By the time the horse arrived, Gurban could cross two rows of wires. But in the meantime, a whip hit him in the side, and the bruise of its spot remained on Gurban’s body for two months … It is strange that this Valish kishi was later stoned and injured by the children whose lambs he whipped when they entered his vinery with ready-to-pick rape grapes. Valish kishi died because of this injury …

İt is dawning, the air was bright. Now Valish kishi knew the Gurban and did not give up his stubbornness. He rode his horse along the row, and Gurban continued to cross over them with buckets in his hands. Alabash also was runnig after the horse barking. But it did not approach it because of fear of being kicked. Both Alabash and Gurban were very tired. But it was as if Valish was bosom of the vineyard, that is, his umbilicus was cut and thrown into the vineyards at birth and sworn in the cradle to protect the Soviet property, was getting more and more excited.
When a person is physically tired and lazy, the brain works faster to get out of the situation, and unusual thoughts come to mind faster. Gurban also came up with a way out – it was necessary to knock down the horse.
Gurban  placed the buckets at the bottom of the vines so that the horse would not hit overturn them when it ran away. To do this, he placed the buckets in the same row, side by side the trunks of the vines. Then he ran back to near upon the middle of the row. This process took time and цфы thrashed by a whip. This time the tip of the whip hit his head. He was furious with its pain, he wanted to curse, but he kept silence, and the thought of revenge intensified much. But it was still a matter of the future. Now it was necessary to save his life and the grapes  in the bucket from this stubborn person. It never occurred to him to leave the buckets there and  run away, he had to take the grapes. 

He began to move from right to left in the same rows, and each time he gained time, he began to untie the wires from two trellis (thin, long concrete poles on which the branches of the vines were fastened) at a distance of twenty meters from each other. Only by falling down such a trellis the horse could be pushed down … After opening the wires, he stood next to the trellis. Valish kishi began to ride along  the line in which he stood. Waiting for the horse to approach, Gurban crossed to the other row at the right moment, could push the trellis with all his might and passed it between the rows. Then he ran and turned over the other trellis.
The operation costed  for Gurban  a whip, and Valish kishi a fracture of his right wrist. The next job was for Alabash…
Knowing this incident, though the chairman of the state farm was angry with Gurban’s father, he enjoyed his work in his heart. That’s why he didn’t go deep into the subject, saying, “Well, he is a child.” Valish kishi did not save his life. About ten days later, the “two-story” garret, surrounded by dry reeds and covered with wooden floors, burned down at noon … When he returned from their home from lunch, the concrete poles of his garret remained.
The vineyards, which Valish kishi stubbornly protected two buckets of grapes at the expense of Valish kishi’s shed and a broken wrist, were soon destroyed … They were destroyed by a man who always destroyed what he had created. As soon as the Soviets collapsed, the vineyards neither the government’s,  nor anyone’s property else were left desolate. The people cut down the vines of the varieties of grapes of with the valuable sorts as gulabi, rakaselin, kishmishi, esgeri, henegirma, misgali, kechimemesi, which have been adapted to the local climate for many years, distinguished by their high sugar content, special aroma and quality, and their products are unrivaled in the world, fired as Valish kishi’s shed. The people who planted these gardens themselves, in the heat of summer and in the cold of winter, cultivated them with a thousand and one troubles with their families. They were paid for these gardens, built houses, received large bonuses during the harvest, raised children, get studied and married … In the winter months, they used this money to visit all the resorts in the Soviet Union. Then they used all its parts, such as firewood, leaves, blackberries, fruit seeds (they used to call it), its husk, and from itself, both natural and dried, and whose juice, alcohol, and wine are widely used and mentioned many times in the Qur’an, committed a ruthless plant genocide. Grapes, like all plants, forgave this betrayal. They sprouted again. But the people were determined to destroy them. They thought that if they were destroyed, gold would sparkle in their place … And they started to operate a crawler tractor, to plow these places, and to uproot the underground trunks of the vines. The vines would sprout again, but as they loved people so much, they did not put their dreams in their hearts as usual, and never were seen in those places again. No gold came out of those places, and then, as a result of chaotic farming – who planted hit-or-miss, who did not plant anything, watered and grazed sheep – “ended” with a lot of manure, droppings and dung… People finished their work – opened the wires of the gardens, made rollers in the shape of a ring, took out the trellis and brought them home. In the past, the trellis, which kept the bunches of grapes, was used to cover the fence, chicken coop and toilet. 

The metals of the wineries were dismantled, thousand ton – tanks were cut, and they were hastily taken to neighboring countries, exchanged with the beads, “fashionable leather” shoes, “bakkush”, “sari qiz”, imported parfumes… Valish kishi was happy, though he saw his shed was burnt, he did not see these days …


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