Парвез Кумар

Страна: Россия

По профессии я учитель, по увлечению поэт. Последние 15 лет я пишу стихи на английском языке. Мне нравится развивать разные стили написания стихов. Места, люди и природа вдохновляют меня писать. Я благодарен им.

Country: Russia

I am a teacher by profession, a poet by hobby. I have been writing poetry in English for last 15 years. I like developing different styles of writing poems. Places, people and nature inspire me to write. I am thankful to them.

Отрывок из сатирических стихотворений “Fungus

Part 1 Nature cries 


 Nature cries and cries aloud,

     For naught I’ve done to make her proud.

My selfish prayer can’t reach His ears;

I can’t suborn Him with my tears.

Cheer up you kids with father’s rum;

All life of his, he saved a drum!

My kid did want a dog or cat;

But I just brought him an iPad. —

The peace of mind is hard to seek;

The world is sick and people freak.


Part 2 Modern girl 


Bright makeup on her face,

Apple logo on her case,

Tight cleavage, big booty,

High sneakers for the shorty;

Are wishes of a girl,

Who’s ‘modern’ in the world.


Part 3 Fungus


Fungus here and fungus there:

                                Driving a car,

                                Smoking a cigar,

                                Running a nation, —

                                Loosing patience,—

                                Fighting a war,

                                Banging a whore;

                                Writing this rhyme,—

                                Committing a crime;—

Fungus, damn, is everywhere.

Fungus is born, fungus is grown,

Without any maker of its own.

   There’s the Maker, fungus believes.

Vital life is as it seems.


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