Олег Гончаренко

Страна: Украина

Поэт, прозаик, публицист, переводчик, краевед. Автор 30 книг разных жанров. Лауреат нескольких украинских и международных премий.

Country: Ukraine

A poet, a prose writer, a publicist, a translator, a regional ethnographer. The author of 30 books of various genres. The laureate of several Ukrainian and International awards.

Поэзия “Осенние колокола”


Do the call of raged trembitas frighten?
It’s only the blow of vanity and empty phrases:
“The bells will answer, the angel will trumpet,
and the third of the world will blaze up with blood…”
It’s not the time of prayers, it’s the time of threshing –
it’s the term of farming wild dances on the ears of wheat.
And take together woods in a single buckthorn –
give them back to a charming revolted autumn!
With this Totem mark your Way:
there the weary posts have already fled.
Your friend will come and lean against it,
since his own one went with the stream long ago…
And what have you been doing wisely till now?
Cross yourself and stop at the point:
crop the harvest of the scattered choppers!
Look – “the Newton’s apples” have become heavy.
Look – the women have suffered very much from pregnancy
and also come to your Cossack Host to vote.
Once you showed a clean pair of heels to them…
Now you’ll shave to the teeth with their looks!
Well… just cool your “molar teeth” with wind –
let your mind become cold a bit.
You should gather the reins of clappers in your palm –
and lead the autumn bells into eternity.

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