Наталья Пономарёва

Страна : Россия

Я дочь футболиста из Ярославля из семьи доктора медицинских наук и товароведа из семьи инженера ПГС, магистр филологического образования ЯГПУ им.К.Д.Ушинского, певица, поэтесса, фотомодель. Натали (НЭТ) – серебряный и бронзовый призёр ярославского литературного конкурса «Вдохновение» (2004 г.), лауреат 1 степени 10 международных и 2 всероссийских конкурсов («Моя страна – Россия», «Hello, Summer», «World art Tournament» в Нидерландах, «Время года», «My English stories», «Золотая нота» и др.), 1-я вице-мисс международного конкурса красоты и талантов во Франции в Париже «International Fashion Time Model Competition» 2021 года, номинант на литературные премии «Поэт года 2017», «Русь моя» имени Сергея Есенина 2021, «Наследие» 2021, участница 5-го международного музыкального конкурса компании МТС «Телеком Хит 2015». Натали награждена дипломами Автора «Цветаевского», «Пастернаковского» и «Чеховского» сборников московского издательства «Спутник +», имеет благодарности Министерства культуры и туризма РФ и Совета Министров республики Крым. В 2020 году НЭТ стала номинантом на премию «Женщина года 2020» по версии журнала «Networker».

Country : Russia

I am daughter of russian football player from the family of the doctor of medicine and the trade manager from the family of engeneer. I had graduated from the Yaroslavl Pedagogical University of K.D.Ushinsky. I have the diploma of Magister of filological education. I am silver and bronze medalist of Yaroslavl Contest of the Poetry “Inspiration 2004”, I am the winner of the 1 degree of 10 international and 2 Russian contests (“My country is Russia”, “Hello, Summer”, “World Art Tournament”. “My English stories”, “Golden Note”). I am also became “The 1-s VICE-MISS “International Fashion Time Model Competition 2021” in France in Paris. I am the nominant of Russian National prize “The Poet of the year 2017” and nominant of prizes “My Russia” of the greit Russian poet Sergey Yesenin and “Heritage prize 2021”. I have diplomas of the greit Russian poets and writers: Marina Cvetaeva, Boris Pasternak and Anton Chehov. I also have diplomas of Russian Culture and Crimea Culture Departments. I became the nominant of the prize “The Woman of the year 2020” of “Networker” Magazine.

Отрывок из романа в стихах “Playing Mozart with my John. Ivan and Luiza”

I’ve heard about your love-story,
About War, about Peace,
About gentlemen and glory,
About chocolate and twist,
About Royal Architecture,
About markets on the streets,
About  voices in wild nature,
About ocean of the tears…

What could I do with you, romantic?
Without  dollars for your dreams?
Where is your home? Where is your Lady?
The road to your home’s between

Between two tragedies in Roma,
Between two little drama things,
Between the tongue and ache of stomach,
Between the luckness and the risk!

Autumn wind began so brightly and so strongly,
The last leaf goes down on the road…
Forest goes to bed… Oh don’t you
Want to see me dancing with you? Draw
Me picture of October evening:
Golden flowers, golden Moscow snow.
I am singing opera with Glinka,
I am playing Mozart with my John (Lennon)

My hero was unwise, but happy.
He had much money in the bank.
The car of Henry Ford was greitful,
He didn’t like vodka, but he drank
Sometimes a bottle of French wine,
A Crimea wine in dancing hall,
He liked the risk and Russian Drama,
He liked the singing best of all!
The jokes and dancing were his passion,
The singing was his passion, too.
He was not lord, polite and handsome,
But he was clever, like the God.
He was from Russia – Land of Magic,
Where Gold and oil are the Kings,
Where people like to sing the soul,
Where was the winning of facism!
The melody of his heartbeat…
The skies in his eyes are so blue,
The dancing of leafs is the best thing,
The love of his motherland, too!

He tried to run out of forests,
But there’s neverending at all!
He wanted to kiss Golden Autumn
And cry with kiss all Russian Girls!
He loved you, my Russia, he loved you^
The rye and the bread on his meal,
The bears, the rabbits, the tigers.
He loved all your forests and fields!

The reason of his fire in soul
Was Godness of the Scene – LUIZA!
She was so beautiful and strong,
She sang like Christy Aguilera.
Blue eyes, blond hair, red lips shining,
She was fantastic and unwising,
She liked to read detective stories,
The Pushkin poems and his novels.

Luiza praid in church like Godness,
The Bible was her favorite book:
“Don’t kill!”, “Don’t lie!”, “Don’t change your husband!”,
That was the laws and Godness trues.
She talk to Mother Marry quitly:
“You are my Dream of Lady,
I am sure, please, tell me at once!
We must be all together!
I am crazy of you in my eyes!”.

My Ivan saw Luiza praing
In church near the “Hollywood”…
He falled  in love at once, I’m sure,
She was her destiny – he thought!
At first, inviting on blind date and
Romantic dinner, by the way,
At second, there were many presents
For princess of a million heads.
He gave her dresses, couts, whiskey,
Bags with the money and the gold,
But that was sorrow for my Ivan:
Luiza’s heart was cold as frost!

What could he do with burning feelings?
He cried and cried the ocean there!
The words of Love about Luiza
Was all he thought, was all he need!

Luiza was like fairytale
She wrote some letters to the fans…
The first her letter to friend Henry:
“The red rose of yesterday evening…
Your love was so wonderfull, too.
We were unwise, I believed you,
You asked me: “How do you do?”

Red lips were like kisses of Apple,
Blue eyes were like picture of sea…
There were like a happy trouble:
Be lost and forgotten: “You’ll see…”

You will see, I am strong and fantastic,
I’m beautiful Godness of Love!
I am young, I am old, I am dancing
In waves with my big burning heart”.

The duel between Ivan and Henry
My blue-eyed owner of the bank
Was dressed in blackest-blackest smoking,
His shoes from Gucci was the best,
You cannot read of them or talking.

He burned in fire with the envy
Because of love to his Luiza.
He hate all fans of her, hate Henry
Because he had the cows and cheese.

Her Henry was so kind and gentle
As It was sunshine under havens
He had not “Bently”, he had prairies,
The hero of the forest’s champion!
Our Henry was simpleton, sorry,
As kind as fool under the Moon!
My reader, you must not be worry:
The tragedy will be so soon!

The pistols duel was beginning
As river runs along the bridge.
Their meeting was in Friday evening
When children went to bed or beach.

My Ivan was like the Tornado:
Tornado in the smoking. So
He shot the temple of my Henry
And said to him: “Show wust go on”.

The rivers of his blood was coming,
He took back cruel words again,
But Ivan was as cruel Bunny,
He couldn’t believe he won’t the game.

The funeral of Henry was there,
Where Sun is shining and it’s hot,
Where waterfull was full of roses,
Where palmtrees grew and you can’t stop.

The crying of the ocean of tears
Of relatives and friends and God
Because our Henry was the best boy,
He was the man of Sun and Gold!

Ivengo was like London’s dandy.
He was so handsome as a Prince!
His manners were prim like a Lady’s
And Freakish character was him!
Ivengo was as Lord – so proud!
Like Ivan Grozny he was cruel!
But he could give you so much pounds
And could you challenge to a duel!
Striptease was dancing of the soul
That gave him money for the life.
He took off dress and were the cout
Once, twice and fifty five!
Once Ivan saw Luiza dancing
And singing with Ivengo Star.
It was not happy chance to him and
He drove so far away his car.
Luiza falt a trembling of kneers,
Became so slim as shadow doll.
Ivengo hold so strong Luiza
That she could not to make a call!
But Ivan was so shy as foxy,
He gave a million dollars to
Ivengo. Plan was toxic.
As toxic as a poison girl!

Luiza left alone as sorrow…
She drank her whiskey in the bar,
But Ivan would with her tomorrow,
He asked her hand to be as wife!

Shampain and roses on the wedding,
The sounds of the prays  in church…
It was like song of missis Carry…
I wanna feel  her dreams in touch!

Luiza was in white dress wearing,
Red roses were over her head,
Her heart was like a fire burning,
It burns like sunrise over land.
Luiza was as Queen of Magic!
She was like Devil and the Star!
She must sing song so hard on stage and
Play themes of Elvis on guitar.
The king of rock’n’roll and show,
White costume with the snow wings…
He sings in minds today, tomorrow,
My Elvis was the  best of kings!
My Ivan was like King of poets,
Black smoking, jazz and “Gucci shoes”,
There was a frost on winter cout,
I’m gonna change my mind to loose
My thoughts, my dreams, my happy mornings,
He made me crazy over him…
There will be cryies and calling, callings
Of girls who was in love with him.
My Ivan burned three colours candles,
Red apples falled on table there,
My Autumn wind sang happy chance to
Come as frost without mistakes.
My darlings were so happy people,
They were like doves in love themselves,
My God, bless Ivan and Luiza
And make believe in happy end!

At first Luiza was so happy,
She lived like Angel in the sky!
She’s got all of what she’s waiting
For all her life without cryies.
There were the kisses under moonlight,
There were the dancing on the balls…
That was the power under twilight
Of being happy, but alone.
At first her loneliness was trouble,
At second being one was fun,
At third she didn’t want be mother,
Her loneliness became a gun!
And changes were beginning with her,
She changed her husband all days long!
She lied them – cryied and prayed for Ivan,
But happy life was only phone…

My Ivan was so evil when he
Knew things about his Luiza.
Her changes were so countless, maybe
That it was people’s reprobation!
What could he do, my poor Ivan?
When husbands lauphed at him together?
When wifes behaved with him not as lady,
He couldn’t teach next generation
Of something good. So he decided.
To poison his ex-wife Luiza.
And he did it. Listen, how It was.
My hero Ivan bought the bone.
Where? We don’t know, he didn’t say us.
He took the cup of tea and poured
The venoux into cooking buttery,
My Ivan send all his invitings
To all of lovers of Luiza
And there will be his favourite party –
The Russian tea-time with surprices.
Friend Frank was coming and Diego,
And Willy and Hussein, and Billy.
“Tea party” as the toys of “Lego”
Was full of jokes and songs  in April.
Because It was in April Fool’s Day,
But bone was ready for Luiza.
My Ivan lauphed and listen to the
His favorite music! Oh, Luiza!
Luiza came in hall. “Diego?
What are you doing here? Willy?”
She took the cup of tea and “Lego”
Was smashing on the floor. Oh, Billy!
She drank the cup of tea. Luiza!
But there was sugar instead of toxic
In cup of tea that she was drinking.
My Ivan lauphed at her
And took his tickets for the airplain…

Airplain to Russia – Land of Winter
Where It was snowing, It was raining…
His song about Russian boys for
His wife Luiza was like this:
“The deep night in Sorrento”:

“There’s a frost in your eyelashes…
And the clock sang our Atumn…
Midnight will hide in blue Haven
Flight “fifteen, and eight, and forty”…

You don’t hide your perfact sorrow
Under veil in gentle smiling…
Russian boy is flying home…
The November will be crying…

The deep night in Soirrento!
Wheather plays in Its game with us…
There’s the end in the Summer…
Say “goodbye” to my Italy!

We will take leave of love,
Our song ends like Drama,
But we feeling the power
Of the night in Sorrento…

We are long ago like strangers,
Like Its all was only dreaming…
The nostalgia of blue sea…
All we had I see dissolving…

Why do lips and I search for
The warm shelter on your mouth?
But I see the tears in your eyes
And the sound of the hours…


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