Наргиса Карасартова

Страна: Кыргызстан

Карасартова Наргиса Омурбековна родилась 29 августа 1978 года. Поэт, писатель, переводчик, учитель английского языка в школе-гимназии №33 г. Бишкек. Изданы два сборника стихов «Бриллианты на снегу» и «Маленьким мечтателям». Член Национального союза писателей Кыргызстана, член союза журналистов КР, член кыргызской ассоциации переводчиков, член Евразийской Творческой Гильдии (Лондон). В 2012 году лауреат литературных конкурсов «Золотая табуретка» (Бишкек) и «Белая скрижаль» (г.Москва), дипломант 3-й степени на Фестивали детской литературы «Герои приглашают своих друзей» (Бишкек). Участница Международной Книжной Ярмарке (г.Москва-2009) и международного Медиафорума (Минск-2010). Участница Форумов молодых писателей России, СНГ и стран зарубежья в 2009 и 2014 гг. (Липки-Москва-Звенигород). Вошла в шорт-лист конкурса “Открытая Евразия – 2019”, в номинации “Малая проза” (Лондон). Участница литературного фестиваля “Открытая Евразия – 2019”. (Брюссель).

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Karasartova Nargisa Omurbekovna was born on August 29, 1978. Poet, writer, translator, and English teacher at the school-gymnasium №33 in Bishkek. Depending on the sensation of inner I write poetry for children and adults, as well as fairy tales for different ages. Two collections of poems “Diamonds in the Snow” and “Little Dreamers” were published. I am a member of the National Union of Writers of Kyrgyzstan, a member of the Union of Journalists of Kyrgyz Republic. In 2012 became a laureate of two competitions “Golden Stool” in the nomination “Best Tales for Children” (Bishkek) and “White Tablet” in the nomination of small prose “Beyond Reality” (Moscow), a diplomate of Kyrgyz contest “Heroes invite their friends”.A participant the of International Book Fair (Moscow-2009) and International Media Forum (Minsk-2010). Participant in the Forums of young writers of Russia, the CIS and foreign countries in 2009 and 2014. (Moscow). According to the results of 2014, the poems were published in the collection “New Writers – 2014” (Moscow). I am shortlisted in the contest “Open Eurasia – 2019” in the nomination “Small Prose” (London). The participant of the literary festival “Open Eurasia – 2019”. (Brussels)

Перевод цикла стихов “О бабочках”

the little butterfly

what is common between the little butterfly,

flying in the garden and graceful Statue of Liberty

that has got Greek’s profile,

towering with a torch, swinging in the wind?

one came out of a tight cocoon

another torn the shackles of tyranny

like her Florentine predecessor who has broken the chain

(Statue of Poetry created by Pio Fedi).

these ladies are feminists, probably

and they`re inspiring and encouraging,

saying that each of us has space

for happiness and love, human rights,

cosmos for creativity and flight.

oh, little butterfly you`re bright and calm,

strong and defenseless,

drinking the sweet nectar through a pipe,

gladly, to pollinate the flowers…

oh, little butterfly such uninhibited and modest,

fragile and reincarnated… I`m afraid of touching you

because this pollen will be crumbled,

because you were born for the expanses,

for ease and beauty.

all-day you`re winking with the wings

and symbolize the same

that the two greatest women of the Earth.

in a hospital room

in a hospital room, the past is groaning

and I can see the bruising of memories…

the rusting moth that is sitting on the window, say to me

which way I`m guilty before you, why I am here…

oh, wordless moth, we`re equal, we’re imago

(in meaning – we aren`t growing, aren’t shedding – just breeding),

but soon this stage will be passed 

and when I die I`ll be again equal to you,

but better and more beautiful… 

I`ll be Maak Sailboat (Papilio maackii),

I`ll be live in wood of elm,

sparking with cosmic brilliance 

and once majestically sitting in the crown of an elm,

above the grass and the overripe mushrooms,

among of any insects and bugs 

amid fragrant foliage.

I`ll remember – this hospital`s bed

and you`ll my wordless and rusting moth.

The Judgment Day

I’ll fantasize on the topic –

The Judgment Day,

But people say a lot of time,

We mustn’t pray.

It seems to fall the sadness season –


And we forget the things of sacred,

So, devastation!

Without asking, a wind will chase –

To Ararat.

The whole Earth will sigh and groans

An alarm strikes.

Oh, give a chance to live again –

No turning back…

We have to finish the beginning –

Prolog and end!

Will be created at that moment

The newest way?

I hope all beauty smile to sheep –

The greatest day.

Wings to be given by the shepherd –

All butterflies.

The joyful moths will leave the planet –

Another Sky!

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