Страна : Кыргызстан

Я – научный работник, профессор философия. Литературным творчеством занимался урывками, но вплотную с 2018 года .

Country : Kytgyzstan

I am professor of the Institute of Economics and Finance, Bishkek city. Candidate of Filosophical sciences (pre-doctorial stage). Objects of my researches are physics, ethnicity, public relations, religious mentally. My literature experience permanently was began since 2017.

Отрывок из научно-фантастической мистерии “Endorphins of the Karmazoi”



Humanity is at cross-roads in its search for ways out of a compressed series of moral, environmental, political, social and economic crises. Analyzing ongoing and past events, we have come to the conclusion that all problems, both local and global, are generated primarily by human rationale.

Humankind is responsible for everything that happens on Earth and the time has come for it to wake up to the fact that the fate of the planet and all living entities within it, is in its hands and conscience.

The generally accepted methods of development in the fields of science, technology, politics, religion and finance, have failed to provide any moral advantage to even the most advanced countries. It also transpires that the concept of happiness is universal.

          The vast majority of the population is now vociferous in its conviction   that the planet will experience huge problems as a result of both overpopulation and fast-diminishing resources on which such vital components as clean air, water, habitats and food depend. The world’s mighty leaders who determine the fate of billions of earthlings have proved incapable of solving global and even local problems and indeed, increasingly exacerbate the situation. They remain slaves to consumer psychology and hence rigid in their perspective. And worse still, those same leaders are now considering using their enormous financial and economic leverage to thin the population, ideally to just a “golden” billion with a couple more billion to serve them.

The ignorant and stubborn violation of nature which has taken millions of years to evolve, is fraught with trouble not least for those responsible; the people at the top of the pyramid of government. Life takes its toll and whether we like it or not, the ideology of superiority must be replaced by that of concession. The mentality of people obsessed with consumerism is manifested in the fact that despite the grave impact on natural resources, the more they possess, the more they crave which in turn, affords them a sense of superiority over less powerful compatriots and earthlings in general. But if the world is to survive, the strong must yield some of their power to those of weaker status.

The genus homo sapiens, infected with the plague of selfishness and the need to satisfy its ever-greedy body, has turned its back on all principles of self-restraint and crosses all boundaries of morality. The world’s powers are mercilessly exploiting Mother Earth and unless something changes, will not stop until we are on the brink of ecological collapse. As a result of their monstrous plans – “hybrid wars”, economic devastation and anti-cultural programmes -we are facing an unprecedented global catastrophe.

But let’s not forget that all of this is being vigilantly monitored by galactic observers. Day after day, they send signs to raise awareness that we are not alone in the universe, alongside warnings that we must come to our senses.

Scientists likewise, monitor celestial activity, but no matter how vigilant their observation, invisible asteroids can descend at any time. In 2013, the impact of a small piece of an asteroid falling on Chelyabinsk raised global alarm   What if this were but the start of a torrent?! Phenomena including asteroids, cosmic rays at a level unacceptable for protein life, and possible pseudo-planets like Nibiru, are all capable of changing the face of the Earth overnight, and hence, pose a very real threat. Some kind of power protects earthlings, preventing the human race from dying out like dinosaurs. However, the struggle between good and evil forces is continuous throughout the macrocosm. It only takes an outbreak of a non-standard viral pandemic like COVID-19, for bacteriological war to rage across the world.

 Humanity is vulnerable and civilization, in very fragile position. This state of affairs, evolved through people’s intelligence and by their hands, is so grave that life as we know it, is on the brink of collapse. Dark times will follow if we do not collect our thoughts and consider the future. The human population will be half or ten times less than at present but those who remain will not be any the happier!

Enslaved to selfishness, we have forgotten that our every decision and action govern our very existence and moreover, are inexorably connected to a universal karma. According to its laws, systematically taught by the ancients and outlined in world religions, no single thought or deed is missed by karma.

        “Hell on Earth” is a state experienced by people as a direct result of their misplaced actions. Conversely, by taking responsibility for their environment, people can transform the world, and humanity will find true Paradise. In short, people’s fate mirrors their thoughts and deeds.

Paradoxical by nature, people separate from each other to fulfil their own selfish ambitions but as soon as they feel threatened, fight for survival as a unified force. But why wait for the 11th hour to join together to make the world a better place? This book aims to reflect the need and hope for increased self-awareness and new levels of thinking which will save the planet and move our world in a happier direction.

 The onset of the hypothetical Karmazoic era and the rise of the galactic community with all its good intentions, could prove a real salvation for humanity. At present, people do not fear being punished for their actions. They are afraid only of real retribution from external and internal forces capable of applying the laws of karma. To date, the arbiters of people’s destinies have put their interests above those of humanity and the laws of God. Under the laws of karma, if people do not come to their senses and do not wake up spiritually, they will face the Hour of Reckoning. If the offer of the chance to redeem themselves is dismissed, no amount of repentance can save them.

          The Law of Happiness will only be established on Earth when egoism and gross material interests give way to generosity and spirituality. In the meantime, karma is gaining strength and day by day, the compressed springs of punishment are loosening, ready to trigger into action. And then, neither the righteous nor the sinful will remain on Earth.

        Therefore, only when people become more self-aware and conscious of their place in the cosmos and Earth, and act on their power to instigate change, will our life-giving blue planet Earth offer them true Paradise.

        This work contains several scientific hypotheses, over which scientific minds strain to find a way out of the systemic crisis. Unresolved fundamental problems bind humanity hand and foot. But there are ways out of this impasse; one of which is outlined here.


                           Only by Finding Truth are you Free.




Part one




The new year of 2029 arrived amidst unusually stormy weather; a premonition perhaps, of a series of extraordinary events to come.

But to the layman, it was simply the end of one year and the start of another; a marker of the flow of time.

         Astrologers and soothsayers predict various terrible events that might change people’s fates but only according to their zodiac signs. In contrast and far more dangerous, are the conspiracy dealers who spin such blanket predictions as:  Armageddon is nigh! The world is about to end!  Nibiru is on its way and posed to change the poles of the planet! The aftershock of the hybrid war will cause mass destruction! Used to influence the policies of the world’s leading powers it is these which truly determine the fate of billions.


        Tired of hearing about all sorts of transcendental sensations and prophecies, people started to search for spiritual pillars in their lives. They began thinking rationally and as if being led from afar through some third tier, perceived all kinds of predictions.

The global invasion of the virus Covid-19 in 2020 changed the world by teaching lessons in tolerance and cohesion. Nowhere was immune; neither the biggest and most powerful nor the most impoverished countries.   This pandemic, like the ninth wave, struck with equal measure, presidents and billionaires, ordinary folk, and the world’s poorest people. Stock exchanges shook like raging volcanoes and the entire world economy suffered innumerable losses.

The ongoing arms race, absorbing the lion’s share of countries’ resources, has become a threat to the extinction of the planet in general. The slightest glitch in the computer system of defense against the blow of a potential adversary can easily provoke the beginning of a global destructive war, which can end in total defeat within just one or two hours.

Such an event could then escalate into a cosmic problem with the threat of a collision of Earth with asteroids and / or our planet being attacked by other space objects. Due to the increased sensitivity of the cosmos, all sorts of private planetary events have become the property and objects of attention of the galactic community. Well aware of this threat, foreseers worried about the future of the planet. Evolved over billions of years, the thin shell of a unique phenomenon – Earth’s Civilization – was at risk of disappearing forever. And in the end, as a direct result of intervention by higher powers, millions of years of effort invested in building the earthly community would go down the drain.



January in Antalya is as warm as April in northern latitudes. When the sun shines brightly, it can be as hot as summer and the play of sunrays on the surface of a calm sea creates crescents of light as sweet as a baby’s smile.

However, when the weather spoils, stormy winds start rocking the sea, sending white-ridged waves rushing to the shore to crash and die.  From deep within the stormy waters, comes a menacing buzz, a furious growl from old Poseidon, as boulders rock and the pebbled base shifts.


        Water and stone are interconnected. Sometimes stones sound off and sometimes, water. Sometimes the two elements converse and sing together in harmony and sometimes, they argue and take offence against each. And sometimes, the sea surf sings an ancient song about the time when water and stone were one, before the unquenchable Flame melted the inextinguishable Ice.


This parable goes something like this:

     Once upon a time, stone flowed like liquid and water was solid. They lived apart and had existed in this state for millions of years. The gods who had separated them when they created the world, then began to reflect on what might happen if they were united.  So, they sent cosmic ice, the forefather of water, down to Earth. The ensuing loud rapprochement was accompanied by the formation of vapours, which settled on the cooling lava to form volcanic rock: stone’s father. Space ice flashed in from afar and the sound of hissing and thunder as it collided with red-hot magma was heard for thousands of miles. The two elements were thus forced to compete with each other for their own space, in keeping with their aspirations and rightful place on the surface of the emerging globe: Planet Earth.

          -I will repay your ardour and yes, heat! I will flow, and you will harden and remain forever remain solid. – said Ice.

          -I will melt you and turn you into flowing steam! You will sit on my body and wash me! – replied Lava, born of its mother Magma.

         So, at the place of co-occurrence of two great elements and with a loud clash, water and stone were born. Since then, these “adopted irreconcilable children” of Nature have each had to struggle for their own space; battling and squabbling with each other like brother and sister.





        In the comfort of a conference hall in a five-star hotel overlooking the furious raging sea, representatives of the advanced world sat over strong Turkish coffee, discussing the unexpected issue of the prodigal cosmonaut Angel Sani. Gathered together by Professor OktarBabuna, an eminent neurosurgeon from Istanbul, their circle of some two hundred comprised highly respected, international scientists, astronomers, researchers and politicians well-versed in debating the future of mankind.


Oktar-bey holds a majestic position in the Turkish beau monde not only as a world-prominent scientist but also, as the author of a numerous revolutionary discoveries in the field of neurophysiology and in particular, connections between synapses, neurons and behaviour, and the establishment of regularities in cyberspace. An active member of the Eurasian Society of Neurophysiologists, he strongly opposes experiments involving the insertion of chips in the brains of newborn children, under the pretext of financial investment in the economies third world countries, as an anti-human phenomenon. Aged 56, he is short in height with a lean physique. A stylish man with a well-trimmed beard and blue-shaded glasses, he dresses in the loose attire of an Ottoman Empire visor and always carries his head high. An eloquent speaker, he chooses his words carefully. In his opinion, “IT” or technological innovations penetrate the lives of very citizen, leaving them no chance of being themselves, and in academic circles, his aim to conquer the world by reinstating human integrity and individual freedom, has earned him the title: Turkey’s Napoleon.


Delegates at the world forum had been given a free day. Some joined excursions around the city, whilst others opted to shelter indoors to mull over their thoughts. Heavy clouds enveloped the sky, turning the world into a closed flat space, and the wind whistled and roared, as if intent on demolishing every building in the city. Pieces of thin metal roofs flew through the air, crashing into walls whilst the rain lashed by the wind, battered everything in its wake as if washing away all the sins of the world. It was a wonder that the windows could withstand such a battering for it seemed as if the sky were about to burst, bringing forth another Great Flood…


It was not by accident that scientists and politicians from all over the world had gathered at the Ak-Deniz University, for the need to address a particular issue was now a matter of urgency. There was but one subject on the agenda: How to save world civilization from the inevitable catastrophe caused by both hard materialists and the approach of asteroid Apophis and possibly other heavy objects, yet unknown to astronomers, to Earth’s orbit.


  The paradoxical behaviour of space objects had recently shocked the world’s population…No rational account had been found for the exponential growth of entropy in outer space and the consequences of the increasingly unpredictable behaviour of at least a third of these objects, remained dangerously inestimable. In short, a completely new situation had evolved in connection with hitherto unknown phenomena in the solar system and the magnetic poles of the Earth.




In her summary of conclusions drawn from forums on Karmazoi and the “Angel Sani effect” Priscilla Wayne then wrote in the Times:


       Emerging from the shell of earthly life and having detached himself from the matrix of conspiracy theories, the cosmonaut experienced an unprecedented freedom of spirit. To some, the sight of the immense greatness of the vast cosmos, might make the habitual existence of people on Earth appear insignificant and useless. Of course, the spiritual potential of Angel Sani did not allow such arrogance! On the contrary, it made him all the more eager to instill in his compatriots, an understanding that life is a special gift from the Creator and everything in nature, the greatest gift for intelligent beings (all beings are intelligent).

One of the bold hypotheses presented by researchers concerned the notion that the main building materials of the cosmos, helium and hydrogen, can activate other “reactors” or star systems and “revive” them with biomaterial.

How much time passed between the “Big Bang” and the appearance of organic compounds? Hundreds of millions of years? It is necessary to synthesize other forms of life and find ways to conserve energy and information on anthropological evolution. The immortality of the spiritual form of matter in a thin world was subjected to a study from the perspective of its evolutionary aspect. It suggested that the total perfection of consciousness is capable of raising the spirit of mankind and also, the attainment of new knowledge regarding life and death.

The more outstanding the scientific discoveries, the more searching the questions and unsolved secrets ….




 Participants of the forum “Cosmogenesis and Man” concluded:  The Karmazoi era dictates a new way of thinking through awareness of Earth as a spiritual and reasonable entity and its breathing, as a pulsating phenomenon. If mankind learns how to catch the breath of the Earth, he can prevent misfortune falling upon himself. Energy is transferred between Earth and the cosmos through man, and the whole biomass acts as a stabilizer of the distribution of temperature, providing a balance of energy. Therefore, the regulation of the number of living beings on the planet offers a means of regulating the climate.


       During the conference, they had reviewed a video broadcast in 2029, in which Angel Sanya had announced:


 – Earth! Earth! I have important news to report. There is a planet double the size of our inhabited environment. Its coordinates correspond   exactly with the description of the Russian astrophysicist Butusov, and has an approximate mass equivalent to 75% of Earth … According to the laws of cosmology, this planetoid has every right to be recognized as a planet. Consequently, the entire solar system is arranged according to some great plan. –


      The video also included footage, shot from SACTA, of an emerald and blue “Anti-Earth”; a geoid and cosmic twin to our planet, which hidden by the refraction of the corona of plasma surrounding the sun, was invisible from Earth. It was a groundbreaking discovery that demanded extensive scientific investigation via satellites and of course, SACTA. However, because the cosmonaut’s actions had seriously sullied relationships with both the Office of Space Flight and the US Government, permission to proceed was denied back in 2036.

          Studies then executed in 2049, showed that the process of restructuring the solar system had continued intensively prior to 2029. Orchestrated by higher beings, possessed of enormous power, this process went unnoticed on Earth and scientists and academics could only hypothesize on how this colossal phenomenon came about…



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