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Я опубликовал ряд литературоведческих статей (темы: «Елизаветинская эпоха расцвета культуры в средневековой Англии», творчество Данте, Пушкина, Древнеегипетская История, Библия). Его поэтический перевод пьесы «Ричард Третий» был в 2010 г. номинирован на «Бунинскую премию». Отрывки из него в 2010 г. были озвучены на РТР (канал “Культура”), а статья об этой пьесе была опубликована в самом массовом тогда журнале «Наука и жизнь» в Мае 2008 г. Автор книг: «Новое прочтение, анализ, расшифровка и поэтический перевод оригиналов 400-летней давности; Ричард Третий, Король Лир» (в сентябре 2015 г. московская «Независимая Газета» внесла её в число пяти лучших опубликованных тогда книг). «ХРИСТОС (декабрь 1 г. по Р.Х.) (2018 г.). «The Great Mistakes of Egyptologists» (2018). «Elizabeth Tudor: the tombstone for Shakespeare Authorship» (2019). «ПОЭТИЧЕСКИЕ ПЕРЕВОДЫ СТАРОАНГЛИЙСКИХ ПЬЕС, (КНИГА 1)» (2020). «Тайны звёздного неба в старинных текстах» (2022).

Country: Russia

Отрывок из эссе ”Elizabeth I, Queen of England, and her “backstage moderator” W. Shakespeare”


I have long argued that Queen Elizabeth Tudor (we know her as Elizabeth I, Queen of England) was the direct author of “Historical Chronicles” and “Historical Tragedies” that were later attributed to W. Shakespeare from Stratford-upon-Avon – see, for example, one of my previous articles on the topic “Shakespeare Authorship””, February 2010:http://lit.lib.ru/p/paramonowefrus_e_p/shakespeare-authordoc.shtml It should be remembered here that just two and a half years after Elizabeth’s birth, the marriage of her mother Anne Boleyn to her father, King Henry VIII, was annulled, and Elizabeth was declared illegitimate and, as a consequence, ineligible to inherit the royal throne. But immediately before the reign of Elizabeth, Mary, the illegitimate daughter of the same Henry VIII, ascended the throne, and this was recognized as completely legal. That is why Elizabeth, who was placed on the throne after her, spent her entire life trying to show that she, too, was the legitimate heir to the Tudor dynasty and the reign of this dynasty was the most favorable period for England. To this end, she decided to describe in her plays the reigns of almost all previous kings over the past 350 years, starting almost 1200. And later, under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth Tudor, the Royal Troupe was created, which turned into the first London theaters. There, secretly and without indicating the true authorship, through young William, the “Historical Chronicles” and “Historical Tragedies” of Queen Elizabeth Tudor, as well as the plays of other authors from the High Nobility, which she reviewed, were successively transferred.


So William Shakespeare was just (in modern terminology) the “backstage  moderator” of Queen Elizabeth Tudor, first secretly commissioned to produce a large portion of her plays on the stage of the theatre and later she secretly entrusted him with the publication of all her works. And the cunning William transferred to the troupe the plays he “backstage” received, and pretended to be the author of these plays. As a result, apart from the publication of the first few books, all the works in general that at that time he received, including “Sonnets”, were published, including after the death of Queen Elizabeth Tudor, under his authorship.  

 “…People in the nobility had an additional reason for hiding their identities if they wrote poetry, which was considered frivolous, or plays, which were considered beneath a nobleman’s dignity if performed in the public theaters. As The Art of English Poesie (published anonymously, by the way, in 1589) stated: “I know very many notable gentlemen in the Court that have written commendably, and… suffered [allowed] it to be published without their own names to it: as if it were a discredit for a gentleman to seem learned…” (”Why would anyone have needed to fake Shakespeare’s authorship?” by Tom Regnier, President of the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship, 2014–2018).

The historians point out that, unlike Shakespeare, who received only elementary school liberal arts education, Queen Elizabeth Tudor was one of the most educated women in England. She received a magnificent education and owned many languages ​​(among them French, Italian, Spanish, Ancient Greek and Latin), Any person from the nobility who wrote a new play and also wanted to hide his authorship (see above quote by Tom Rainier), but he wanted this play to be put on the prestigious stage of the royal theater under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth, was forced to give her this play. Queen Elizabeth Tudor reviewed this play, making corrections to it in accordance with her deepest knowledge in the field of history, art, literature, modern and ancient languages. But since these plays belonged to different authors, it is from here in the plays attributed to W. Shakespeare that there are so many stylistic coincidences with the texts of tragic and romantic Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, and brilliant philosopher Francis Bacon, and of other authors of the heyday of Elizabethan culture.———————————————-.More see: “Elizabeth Tudor: the tombstone for Shakespeare Authorship” by Eugene P. Paramonov (2019-07-08).”Elizabeth I’s Translation of Tacitus” is published on 29 November 2019 in the Review of English Studies.Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable: “Early Shakespeare Authorship Doubts” (January 6, 2020)”).”Shakespeare Was a Woman…” by Elizabeth Winkler (May 9, 2023).


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