Динара Муминова

Страна: Южная Корея

Автор — детский писатель из Узбекистана, доктор философии по педагогическим наукам (PhD), специализирующийся на развитии ранней грамотности. Она издала четыре детские книги в известном издательстве Узбекистана – Академнашр, а также самостоятельно издает книги на международной платформе Amazon. Ее работа стала лауреатом премии Узбекистана в номинации «Лучшая книга для детей и взрослых» в 2021 году, а также стала финалистом в номинации «Лучшая работа для детей» конкурса «Открытая Евразия-2021» в Великобритании. Она работает доцентом кафедры «Детская литература» в Международном университете Северных стран в Узбекистане и ведет блог в Facebook, продвигающий детскую литературу и раннее чтение.

Country: South Korea

Author is a children’s writer from Uzbekistan with a PhD in education, specializing in emergent literacy. She has published four children’s books with a famous publishing house in Uzbekistan, as well as self-publishing on Amazon. Her work has won the Uzbekistan Prize for “Best Book for Children and Adults” in 2021, and she was a finalist in the “Best Work for Children” category of the Open Eurasia-2021 contest in Great Britain. She works as an assistant professor in “Children’s Literature” at an international Nordic University in Uzbekistan and run a Facebook blog promoting children’s literature and early reading.

Отрывок из детской прозы  ”The Shy Elephant’s Brave Act”

There was a sweet elephant named Fil who lived in the circus and loved it very much. He had many friends in the circus who would put on shows for the children.

Among them were a little Maymun, a curly Kuchuk, a teddy Ayiq, and a manly Biya. However, Fil never appeared on stage as he was too shy and scared to go up in front of the audience. Even the thought of it made his stomach ache, and he worried that he might cry from excitement if he ever did go on stage.

Fil’s friends wanted to help him overcome his fear, so they tried to come up with different ideas to get him on stage. Kuchuk suggested he jump in a circle on the stage and have Fil hold the circles while he jumped, but Fil was afraid he might drop them, run away and thus hurt his friends and the children.

Biya suggested he run around the arena and jump over hurdles while Fil stood in the center and said “ole-hop” to him, but Fil was afraid he might embarrass himself and say the wrong words and thus hurt his friends and the children.

The bear suggested he ride bicycle on stage and have Fil chase him, but Fil was afraid he might cry in shame if he couldn’t catch up and thus hurt his friends and the children.

Despite their efforts, no one could find a way to bring Fil to the stage. To avoid upsetting his friends, Fil suggested that he could help behind the scenes and make the children happy by carrying Ayiq’s bicycle, combing Kuchuk’s hair, and putting on Biya’s jewelry to make her beautiful. He didn’t have to go on stage to make the children happy.

One day, an unforgettable event happened in the circus. The first performance was that of the Maymun, who had to walk on a tightrope with a monocycle. This show was one of the most dangerous shows, and Fil was worried about his friend every time he performed. That day, the Maymun could not hold himself on the tightrope, and the tightrope began to shake violently. Everyone was silent in the hall, and Fil found himself on the stage, approaching his friend. The Maymun began to roll downwards, and Fil rushed towards him to save his friend.

“My friend, thanks to you,” the Maymun whispered. “You saved my life. Look! The whole hall is applauding you. You are on stage! You didn’t run away, You didn’t get lost. You didn’t even cry. Open your eyes! Look!”

Fil slowly opened his eyes and saw that the children were clapping and looking at him from all sides with smiles on their faces. “Am I on stage?” he asked.

“Yes, you are!” his friends exclaimed.

Fil was overjoyed. He had made it to the stage without fear, shame, or anxiety. He had saved his friend and made everyone happy. He even put the Maymun on his back and ran around the arena, and the children applauded him even louder. Fil was on stage, and everyone was happy!


Several illustrations to the children’s book “The Shy Elephant’s Brave Act”.

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