Дана Жетеева

Страна: Казахстан

Перевожу с русского на английский, с английского на русский. Преподаю в университете английский, но больше все таки уделяю время переводам. Участвовала в предыдущих конкурсах в разделе литературного перевода, в этом году решилась на участие также в разделе “Литературное произведение” (помимо перевода). Пишу с 2012 года в основном “в стол”. Много незаконченного. Мечтаю когда-нибудь написать роман и опубликовать его.

Country: Kazakhstan

I’m translating documents and books from Russian into English, and from English into Russian. Also I teach English at the university, but prefer translations more. I have participated in the previous contests in the section of Translations, this year I made my mind also to participate in this section. I started writing in 2012, but mostly for myself. A lot of stories are not finished yet. I have a dream of writing a novel and publishing it one day.

A Dream

It was 27th of April on the calendar. Laura got up at 6 am as usual to get children ready for school. When she entered the kitchen she looked at the clock and then at the calendar as-a-matter-of-factly, frowned a little saying to herself: “Oh, it’s 27th already, Thursday… well, time flies! Soon it’s your daughter’s birthday, you need to get her a present… Let me think, what would she accept with joy? Of course, she wants to have an Ipad and it’s not a secret at all. Ok, I’ll think about it later, as Scarlett O’Harra would say… well, 27th – a good date, a good day… to die..what? What’sthatabout? How did this phrase appear in my head at all? But I heard it somewhere definitely… this expression… Probably, some action movie. Idon’tknow. Oh, itdoesn’tmatter. Thinkofthebreakfast. What would you do to feed your little sharks? Ok then, omelet – delicious and healthy”.

With the usual moves she hit one egg at the edge of the bowl, pouring the essence into it then the second one, poured some milk, churned it with the whisk, and put some salt, while the pan was already getting hot on the stove. She poured sunflower oil into it, still stirring the mix in the bowl, and when she saw that oil drops started chasing each other on the black surface of the pan, she poured the omelet mix into it and made the heat less on her electric ceramic stove.

“Ok, now the main part – wake up girls… How I hate to do it… they are so sweet when they sleep. Iwouldhavewatchedthemforages. But… gottogo..gotta go gotta go!!!”

On entering the girls’ room she looked over it critically. Scattered clothes on one side of the room and accurately piled clothes on the other. “How come they are so different? All righty, I’m opening the curtains” – she sighed smiling to her thoughts.

  • Girls, get up! Come on, wake up… It’s morning, sun is high, the grass is green, birds are singing. I am opening your duvets, and yes, I know how cozy and warm it is snuggling under them. But it’s totally your own fault if you didn’t have enough sleep, as you were whispering till it was reeeaally late. That’sit! Getup! Hop-hop! Go! Go! Go! Come on girls, show me how you can dress very quickly, – the mommy was making so much noise that girls had to get up eventually.

Diana sat in her bed, screwing up her eyes looking at their agile mom:

  • Come on, say that if we are not dressed in five minutes, then you won’t comb our hair and make braids…
  • Exactly! – said Laura.
  • Ma, wearenotkidsanymore. We can do it ourselves… Even Jane. And why do you always wake us up so early? I can go like this, without any stupid plaits, – the last words she said more to herself, as she knew that her mom was losing temper when she saw them uncombed or with loose hair.
  • Ok, honey, stopgrumbling. Yougotup, that’sgreat! Goandwashyour facenow! Andwhataboutyou? Why are you still in bed? Whatareyouwaitingfor? Comeon, Jane, pumpkin, getup, – she said that patting the back of her second daughter, and kissing her on her sleepy brown-greenish eyes, who was still slugging in the bed, trying to wake up. – Come on, ladies, you know that there may be traffic jams on the roads, and your school is not that close. Put on clothes and march to the kitchen. Your bus is arriving in thirty minutes.
  • Why don’t you take us to school yourself? – asked Jane whining as usual in the mornings.
  • You know, honey, I need to take your little brother to the nursery, and it is in the opposite direction from your school. I just can’t do that, I am sorry, sweetie. And I have so many things to do in the city. I need to get to several places before you come home. And, besides, this house needs to be cleaned too, and you eat every day… So, I am cooking too. What do you say to that?

Jane bit her lip, she was about to burst out crying. Laurahatedsuchmoments. ButJanedid not cryafterall. She just sniffled and continued to put on her clothes.

“Is it true or it just seems to me that they have grown up? She would have burst out crying on the spot the other time. What’s up with her? And she really seems to grow up, she looks taller. Well, thus, you won’t even notice how you grow old, darling. You look at them every day, as you are their mother, and you don’t even notice such things. It is amazing”.

  • Ok, girls, ifyouneedmyhelp, youjusttellme. Iamgoingtowakeupourmen and check on the breakfast.

Kissing Jane on her forehead and patting Diana’s head she left the room, still amazed by the changes in her girls, especially by the fact that Diana was almost of the same height as herself. “Whenhasthatallhappened? Iwasnotincoma, wasI? It’s pretty strange”.

The lamp was still on at the bedside in their bedroom, though the first merry sun beams were trying to get through the thick curtains already. Laura came up to the window, pulled the curtains open and could not resist from letting the morning air into the stuffy from the night sleep room. The fresh spring morning air gusted in filling the room with the mix of fresh grass, burnt leaves (obviously people started cleaning the parks from the last-year’s dry leaves) and something else, very subtle, but very familiar… She was enjoying the calmness and beauty of that morning. There were few cars in the street, so she could hear singing of birds and seldom barks of strayed dogs. She was distracted by the indistinct murmur behind her back. What Laura saw when she turned, made her widely smile. Her husband buried himself under their king size duvet trying to stay warm, while her son, who evidently joined them at night, was snuggling like a baby wolf upon the duvet.

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