Влад Вас

Страна: Эстония

Родился 18.03.1986 в ЭССР, Таллин.
Образования: Высшее экономическое и психология.
Член союза писателей РФ и член Евразийской гильдии писателей.
Автор 6 книг художественной литературы.
Автор свыше 200 различных произведений опубликованных в более, чем в двух десятках альманах и литературных журналах.
Многократный номинант и лауреат всевозможных премий, конкурсов, а также чемпионатов поэзии и прозы в РФ и международнего уровня.
Автор десятков психологических статей и тренингов.
Автор статей о живом питании.
Основатель и руководитель рекламно-литературного агентства РекЛит.
Финансовый консультант.
Практикующий психолог.
Несколько лет проживал в РФ, США и Австралии.

Country: Estonia

Born 03.18.1986 in the USSR, Tallinn.
Education: Higher economic and psychology.
Member of the Writers’ Union of the Russian Federation and a member of the Eurasian Guild of Writers.
Author of 6 books of fiction.
Author of over 200 different works published in more than two dozen almanacs and literary journals.
Multiple nominee and laureate of various awards, contests, as well as championships of poetry and prose in the Russian Federation and international level.
Author of dozens of psychological articles and trainings.
The author of articles about raw food.
Founder and head of the advertising and literary agency RekLit.
Financial Consultant.
Practicing psychologist.
For several years lived in the Russian Federation, the United States and Australia.

Отрывок из драмы ” Dead End “

Breath in is a drop of life. Breath out is a particle of death.

There is nothing between them except for the numerious scenarios and options to choose, and that choice you have to make every moment.

Any result received is a kind of examination taken in the process of studying the subject, which is viewed through the one’s in the lens of consciousness, and a causal link between the created and the tidal wave of the situation.

Life suggest its own options for death, and the death confirms the choice once it is taken.

In loving memory of my grandmother Maria.


Life regularly brings us so much of unexpected, and the most of it is unpleasant, and sometimes really terrifying, taking away all our strength and breaking us. And then, when we appear in an extremely desperate situation and suppose that it just could not been worse, we have take much harder trials and tests. Only when having lost everything, we start understanding and being aware of the real values of life, of what is significant and what only lasts for a certain time period.

This story, so sad, that it can be even called a tragic story, is about one ordinary young man that does not differ from us in any way. He could hardly be noticed in the crowd due to his extraordinary appearance. There are thousands, or even millions of people like him.

But if you only glimpsed on what’s happening inside his soul, his consciousness, then, for sure, you would not remain indifferent. He constantly faces the difficulties that cut ground from under his feet, the grave losses, but it is not because of usual human absent-mindedness, but because of the tests and trials waiting for him: the death of the dearest, unjust accusations, prison, loss of his belongings and many other backblows of fortune that can bring any person to insanity, despair and, perhaps, even to the unwise disposal of their physical body, life…

What have happened with him and how he will finally act — will agree with the situation or take everything under his control and will leave all the grief aside, or maybe he will become so faint, that suicide will turn out to be the only reply to all the questions of him?

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