Артемий Чайко

Страна: Россия

Артемий Чайко (Арчи Гончаров)

Родился в 1983 году в России. Сфера интересов: Литература. Изобразительное искусство. Музыка. Режиссура. Наука (экология, география, психология, философия геология). Старинная архитектура. Городские легенды и фольклор. Образование высшее – экология. Аспирантура по геоэкологии. С 2007 г. проводит собственные ежесезонные научные экологические исследования. Автор 36-ти научных публикаций. Художник, фотограф и иллюстратор, автор иллюстраций к ряду книг. Косплеер. Хендмейдер широкого профиля: создаёт костюмы, декорации, реквизит, скульптуры и т.д., по большей части к собственным произведениям. Фотоблог автора на май 2018 г. насчитывает более трёхсот тысяч посетителей.

Музыкант, с 2003 г. основатель и лидер музыкальной группы «The Hyponeystal’ Project». Автор саундтрэков к документальным фильмам.

Писатель, автор семи больших произведений, ряда рассказов и множества стихов, в том числе на английском языке. Авторский раздел на сайте журнала «Самиздат» на май 2018 г. насчитывает более 1,3 миллиона читателей. Основное произведение автора: фэнтези сага «Королевство Адальир».

Country: Russia

Artemiy Chayko (Archy Goncharov)

Was born in 1983 year (Russia). Sphere of interests: literature, art, music, the art of direction. Sciences: ecology, geography, psychology, philosophy, geology. Ancient architecture. Urban legends and folklore. Higher education – ecology. Geoecological postgraduate course. Own seasonal scientific ecological researches since 2007. The author of 36 scientific publications. An artist, photographer and illustrator of a number of books. A cosplayer, a handmader of a wide profile: creates costumes, stage scenery, properties, sculptures, mainly to his own creative works. The author’s photoblog in May 2018 has more than 300.000 visitors. A musician since 2003 has been a promoter and a leader of a music group «The Hyponeystal Project». An author of a number of soundtracks to documentary films. A writer, an author of seven large literature writings, a number of stories and a lot of poems, including those in English. The author’s section (site Samlib.ru) in May 2018 numbers more than 1.3 million readers. The main creative work of the author is a fantasy saga «The Kingdom of Adaliyr».

Three Silver Spokes And One Golden Arrow


The beginning


Somewhere in northern Europe.

Town of Wholecraig

 New Year Eve


The graduation class is the most magic time in the life of any teenager. You seem to be a kind of a grown-up and are going to start your free and independent flight in this world, but at the same time you are still a child and can afford you to dream up.

 The same thoughts were in Kate’s head while she was preparing to the New Year’s ball. This tradition – to give a ball in honor of New Year for the seniors – has been lasting here since time immemorial. One of the first principals of the school, the only one in Wholecraig, introduced and firmly claimed it while working here. His family was said never to celebrate any holiday for some reason, and even his own graduating ball was missed by him. Because of it he, allegedly, wanted to let his pupils get the whole pleasure from this event.

The school was an age-old one, and therefore discipline was of great importance here, and it was famous all around for exemplary behavior of its pupils. But not only on the day of a New Year’s ball! At nine o’clock in the evening, after school doors having been closed behind last guests’ backs, the director solemnly declared that the building was passed into the full power of graduates till six in the morning, and after that no regulations worked any more.

Now you, of course, can think that a New Year’s ball is something like local the Row with Gomorrah, but actually it’s far from being so. Can you really imagine a person, who has been a cultural well-mannered one through all the years and in a graduation class has suddenly turned into a Neanderthal man for a night? No, of course! However, everybody had fun, each in his own way, without denying himself to feel the real king of the school.

Going to the ball along a small snow-covered street of Wholecraig, future graduates with an air of importance spoke to junior school pupils, who were sure to envy them, about nothing special being in this event. It sounded like this: You are going to study a lot of time, but for us it’s the last New Year at school.

Kate, whose nick was Wild Cat, began studying here in the first class. She was an honors pupil and, being a person of decision and having masterly mind, the indisputable leader. Also two girlfriends of Kate were studying here: Nikki and Melissa. They lived in the neighborhood, always kept together and had a reputation of inseparable friends. Today they have agreed to come a bit earlier to a ball to communicate before the celebration.

The reason of it was quite unusual, but pleasant: two guys from parallel classes after a year of shy making court to Nikki and Melissa suddenly grew bolder and suggested them going to the party in couples. It is clear, that such a situation let girlfriends communicate with each other just before the event. As for Kate, nobody invited her. Not that she wanted very much to be invited, but the fact remained. One shouldn’t think that the girls left her alone easily. At first both Nikki and Melissa decided to refuse going with the guys in order to support the girlfriend, who stayed without a partner, but Kate herself insisted on their accepting the offer. She explained that she didn’t want to waste her time of such a wonderful holiday on some “pimply clodhopper”. And as girlfriends never told a lie to each other, since it was their rule, Nikki and Melissa believed and agreed. Actually, Kate was sure that the girls, in the end, would be disappointed with their gentlemen, as it always happens. Also she didn’t what to deny herself pleasure to say afterwards: “and I warned you!”.


Three girlfriends

I’d better descr

ibe the three girls for you to imagine them properly: they represented the embodiment of three brightest appearance types. Kate is a tall and slender brunet with huge sloping eyes of brown color. Melissa is a natural blonde, even taller, a little bit lean, having a top-model figure and blue eyes. As for Nikki – she is red, green-eyed and not really tall. In addition, Nikki and Melissa applied cosmetics to enchant their appearance. Kate didn’t like any cosmetics, by the way, no cosmetics could decorate her better than her own beauty, as nature has endowed her with bright colors: her eyebrows, eyelashes and lip

s were so bright and juicy that a stranger could think that it was super-cool natural make-up. In her childhood even some amusing incidents took place, when someone was surprised why the girl was allowed to use cosmetics at such an early age. Later, the person could hardly believe in such striking natural features. How strong can stereotypes sometimes be!

In high school guys began to admire the beauty of the girls, but those were so picky that nobody decided to take courage and to have a talk with them. It happened, frankly speaking, because of Kate. She wasn’t at a loss for words, and drove boys away so masterly that they were really afraid to be shamed. After communication with Kate, a lot of them got pejorative nicknames and lost their own prestige as a result. In general, it is worth saying that Kate was a leader not just among her girlfriends and schoolmates, but at school as a whole. She was respected by pupils, and not only girls, but the guys as well envied her, which was rather indifferent for Wild Cat.

The only real rival for Kate in fight for the School Queen title was Rosie Cullen – the daughter of the town’s mayor Val Cullen. Rosie also was a graduate, but studied in another class. Vigorous and cheerful, every time inventing something and involving in her orbit all around, Rosie Cullen was outwardly absolutely different from Kate. She resembled Melissa in a way, but not so thin and tall. She was of average height, with ideally white skin without any heat-spot, with really huge green eyes and long golden hair which she set every time in a new way. She could have her hair free or collected it in two braids or one long braid to a belt. Most of all Rosie reminded some alive doll that had got out directly from a show-window of shop. At first sight people were just lost, thinking that they saw some real angel, not a real person…


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