Акылбек Джуманалиев

Страна : Кыргызстан

Деятельность – историческая наука, вопросы философского развития, художественно-творческая эссеистика, переводы работ Японских поэтов с русского языка на кыргызский язык. Автор нескольких монографий и научно популярных статей. Занят творческой работой с 25 лет и моя творческая работа длиться в течении 50 лет.

Ученая степень и занимаемая должность – Главный научный руководитель института истории и культурного наследия при Академии Наук Кыргызской Республики, профессор и заслуженный ученый Кыргызской Республики.

Country :  Kyrgyzstan

Activities – research works on the science of history, issues of philosophic development, also engaged in literary creative essays and translation of the poetry written by Japanese poets from Russian into Kyrgyz languages. Author of several monographs, scientific, popular science articles. My creative work started at my 25 years old and still continues. It is already 50 years.

Current position and degree – Chief Researcher of the Institute of History and Cultural Heritage at Academy of Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor and Honored Scientist of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Отрывок из статьи ” Society – Policy – Individual “

Nowadays the Kyrgyz people’s support is the Kyrgyz nation because the national concept consists of the energy, the strong power and the indomitable wave. If the people’s potential source is used with a purpose, then our country is able to reach much.

–  Akylbek baike, we have recently read many articles of yours published in the newspapers and journals on the following themes: a society and Individual, a state and person. What is the reason for that?

–  If you don’t mind, I’d like to answer your question just by one aphorism: “If I don’t tell about it, you don’t tell, he/she does not tell then who will tell it?” Today in what time is the Kyrgyz society living? When we live in hard times, we start complaining about the current system, if we are full and enjoy our life then we begin praising our governing system and admire it. Certainly, at present we have hard life, but just now, during this historical complicated period the Kyrgyz society is in search of its new way and direction. Our people’s creativeness requires the investigation of yesterday’s and today’s society and the knowledge of the future. The reason for our search of the answers is in it. Nowadays when our people are living in very important historical period the consciousness of each person and the society is busy with these vital questions. Who were we before? Who are we now? What future will we face tomorrow? Is it good or bad? By all means it is good! The Kyrgyz society has been dreaming of this time for 700 years but not for 70 years only. In fact, if one is in search of something, it is natural that there is even a small way to find.

–  But if this way is not found for a long time, one may lose his/her hopes and come into depression.

  – I’d like to tell this: Every day the social and cultural aspects of our life face various political, intellectual and economic changes, improvements, and at the same time the outlook of an individual and the society is on its way to progress too. It is natural if a human being wants to change and improve his living conditions and the society where he lives, meanwhile he also must revive his outlook and refresh his knowledge.

 –  Perestroika made people’s life change in quite different way. Some people prefer old Soviet system to current independence, and the quantity of such people is growing from day to day. Are these people behind the times?

  –  I do not agree with this opinion. On the contrary, the number of the people who like the new system is growing. They are today’s and tomorrow’s owners, proprietors. I agree with the tendency that people’s standard of living changed a lot and is growing faster than the mentality of people that is backward. Today’s changes require the Kyrgyz people to be responsible for keeping the state’s independence, finding their own way and place in global geopolitics, strengthening the national friendship among citizens and being purposeful. To reach high achievements a Kyrgyz have to set the targets and gain them together in spite of everything. This is the historical responsibility of any Kyrgyz, Kyrgyzstani and the Kyrgyz society as a whole. There is the necessity for talking about categories of mentality, intelligence and outlook (mental horizon, point of view), because complex works on changing above mentioned categories of mind need to be turned into the reality, certainly whether these works will be fulfilled in a fast or slow way, it depends on influence of the public consciousness and opinion.

 -The public consciousness cannot reflect and explain each part of a society’s life and analyze minutely its various situations but it can solve main vital problems in people’s life by discussion, filtering then again deliver these solutions with the highest content to the society. Such dialectical process creates public opinions step by step and gives the society the best opportunities in creation of progressive activities. Certainly, today’s policy must determine the interests of different social groups very quickly and push forward their life goals on a level with public tasks and make strong suggestions which can be accepted by most of people and place these suggestions on a daily plan of the society’s life. Currently on the way to the social-economic development, the consciousness of the public and an individual pay much attention to the market economy. People feel that only the free market economy will let them get economic, social, political and even inner world freedom. Therefore there is the great saying: “If you took a plough, don’t turn back”. We need to use today’s position of the public’s consciousness, its new policy in the right way so that the Reformation being carried out in the country could accelerate.

 – You seemed to tell straight.  What role does the public opinion play in a society’s life? But what about the situation in our republic concerning the study of the public opinion and understanding it?

–   It is in the same situation because the political system of the society has changed, as for the study of the public opinion, taking public outlook into consideration and making a thorough job of it have not been changed. We know very well the current position of the mass-media, the straight role of the media is to study public opinions, suggestions, even create this opinion, but unfortunately the situation with our mass-media is not optimistic. The representatives of the ruling system in our country consider the opinions of the local authorities to be public opinions. During the Soviet totalitarianism it was natural to consider the public opinions in the same way. It is so pity.

–   In despite of it the great changes are going on in our Republic. Our country is known for taking the democratic development course, isn’t it?

  – Certainly, the Kyrgyz Republic is on its way for the better: in economy the state stopped its domination, and also there are lots of possibilities for people who wish to open their own business; in policy the State governing system has lost its domineering influence and there are strong efforts to establish the state and society functioning in accordance with the constitutional law; various kinds of private business are given a chance to breath; in social spheres an individual’s right is announced to be the first; in inner world encirclement an individual’s freedom is guaranteed. Thus the Institution of Democracy has recently opened in our Republic and this Institution’s requirements are already functioning in the country. It is true that our country is globally known as a Democratic Republic, but nowadays we have not yet got the real independence. In this situation we are still in transitional period, first of all the mentality, the mind of the people must be fully provided with freedom. Today it is necessary that a person must own a property so that he/she could feel an individual, and his/her mental horizon, world outlook could grow and transform through it. That’s why it is very important for any Kyrgyzstani to own a property. This issue is worth of great importance.

–   Currently the people are still afraid of owning a property. They try to escape any responsibility for it because people are scared of the situation of business in the future. One could watch it during the discussions of the Constitutional laws of the Republic. 

–   Of course, today’s complicated process in social and cultural areas which are closely connected with each other will bring lots of changes into people’s life. This process will make some people or even the whole social sections of the population break mentally, physically, as for the people who have a good understanding of this process and changes in it, whose spirit does not break will have a prosperous life. In short we need to be quick and maintain social relations, that the Soviet period when people were passive in social-political activities is passing away. In this way one can see the strong contradiction fighting between the old and the new, the appendages of the old system and the future, especially among point of views, public opinions about life and the world. We start living the new life and get out of the old limited living habits little by little, and the life’s versatility is being approved. Nowadays a greater stage opened before our people, each person can develop his/her abilities and become an Individual. This time period is testing the strength of our character and capabilities whether we will become an Individaul or a simple ordinary person. That’s why we should not expect any help from anybody. Nobody will help us either the state or relatives. Our fate depends on us only. The freedom of a human being consists of the lack of the above mentioned arguments and reasoning. A person must carve his/her own way independently and determine it.

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